Books have strong electronic competition these days, so bookstores, looking to attract customers, should pull an ace out of their sleeves. And it is a fantastic interior design that not only allows you to thoughtfully arrange and display your best reads, but also intrigues and encourages customers to come in, spend time and buy.

The world’s most famous bookstores and libraries are places that stir the imagination and create a
. And while most bookstore owners don’t have spectacular interiors, such as the bookstore of the Selexyz chain in Maastricht, which is housed within the walls of a Dominican 13th-century church, such places are still worth being inspired by. And there are indeed many patterns.

Modern bookstores should not be associated, like libraries, with thick volumes of books and dust piled on them. So it’s worth ditching the idea of creating an atmospheric antique store in favor of a modern, designer place. One in which modern customers feel comfortable, because even if we have different tastes ourselves, the interior is supposed to appeal to those we want to host in our bookstore.

Bright, spacious interiors a bookstore furniture

Large glass storefronts and a bright space will effectively encourage people to enter. It is worth betting on metal, white or black in this case store shelving, So their color will not distract the reader’s attention from the titles. When decorating a bookstore, it is worth remembering that books bring a lot of color and design into the interior. Therefore, the colors of the walls and bookstore furniture should provide a subtle background for them. However, so that the arrangement does not seem cold, you can bet on soft carpeting and some cozy lounge furniture, so that the store takes on the character of a cozy reading room. Places where a person meets a book.

Industrial furniture for a bookstore

An interesting option may also be to furnish a bookstore, in the loft or industrial style, which has been extremely popular recently. Metal store shelving, raw wall finishes and distinctive lighting will make a good base. Of course, this does not mean that the interior should be cold and impersonal. Loft-style store furniture that works well with antiques and recycled items. What matters most is the idea.

Vintage-style bookstore

A vintage-style interior design would be an equally good idea. Why? First of all, because you can combine modern elements with furniture, having a unique atmosphere. One can boldly go for a communist aesthetic, for example. Arranging a simple base, for example, with the help of the classic store furniture we offer, and complementing it with interesting accessories that can often be obtained at half price, is a fantastic recipe for success.

Creativity and proven solutions, this is the way to carry out, even with a small budget, an extraordinary metamorphosis of the interior and stand out from the competition!

We invite you to take a look at our range of customized furniture. We are happy to do the design of a unique space for you and provide bookstore equipment that will capture the imagination of your customers.