What features should store furniture have? Asking yourself this question is the first step to designing a comfortable, practical interior that will support sales and marketing efforts.

First of all – store furniture should be durable and sturdy to hold any type of articles and survive many years of intensive use unscathed. Their main task, however, is to display goods to customers, so they should not be overwhelming and should not draw attention away from the articles themselves. Durability should therefore go hand in hand with optical lightness.

Their functionality is also important – they must not impede movement around the store or the placement of goods on them. In some industries, store furniture should furthermore meet aesthetic qualities and be up to date with the latest trends. Stores selling home furnishings, clothing or shoe boutiques and drugstores should make an overall positive impression on customers, and encourage them to buy.

System furnituremore possibilities

The assortment in many stores is subject to regular replacement. Changing the assortment may therefore involve rearranging the furniture. The following will work best for this purpose system furniture. When choosing this type of equipment, individual elements and modules can be combined and set up in any way you like, and you can also decide on the form of display of goods. Metal store shelving or wooden, display cases, niches, drawers, store counters and much more – all of which can be rearranged on an ongoing basis and adapted to current seasonal needs.

Where to order system furniture?

It is definitely best to order customized furniture from local manufacturers. This gives you the opportunity to make a customized design, corresponding to the needs of the interior and the type of product range. A professional designer will select the system furniture in such a way that it will be possible to change its positioning in a particular space at will. In addition, making custom furniture also gives you the opportunity to choose the materials from which it is made.

It is not worth saving when buying
system furniture
in the chains. They are usually of inferior quality, the modules are not individually customized, so the ability to change the setting is limited. In addition, when necessary, any contact with the company about a complaint usually takes a very long time, is cumbersome and, in addition, not always effective.

System furniture Vonart

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of system store furniture of our company. We not only ensure the highest quality of raw materials and technical solutions, but also offer design support, which allows us to respond to individual customer needs.