Stores at gas stations must respond to a variety of customer needs. Their offerings must therefore include a suitably diversified assortment to meet the needs of not only drivers, but also passengers, children or nearby residents. Properly planned filling station equipment Will help to properly display the goods. If you are the owner of a gas station, read the following article and find out what you should definitely pay attention to when choosing furniture for your gas station.

Display goods well

Gas station customers come for more than just fuel. They are also looking for groceries, newspapers, maps, basic car spare parts and specialized preparations necessary for the proper functioning of the vehicle. Of course, this assortment also needs to be properly displayed so that customers can easily find the products they are interested in. Properly selected gas station equipment in the form of newspaper racks, branch racks, display cases for more valuable items and special modules for small sweets or medicines, should help to properly categorize individual product groups and properly display individual goods.

Customize fuel station equipment to the seasonal assortment

Of course, it’s not a matter of replacing, on average, all of your gas station equipment Because of the ever-changing assortment. However, it is necessary to consider this aspect at the stage of purchasing store furniture. It is worth betting, for example, on shelving units with perforated structural posts. Thus, you will be able to adjust the height of individual shelves to the size of individual goods. You will then avoid the situation where every season you will have to reorganize the entire station space because the individual racks do not meet current needs.

Match the furniture to your specific space

gas station equipment
, it is worth using the help of smaller companies that create customized designs. There are three main reasons to consider this solution.

First, custom furniture can be perfectly tailored to a specific space. Each project will then be tailor-made for the owner. Thus, you will be able to arrange your station adequately to your own vision.

Secondly, the gas station furniture that can be found in the offer of large chain stores is very often of somewhat inferior quality, as it is mass-produced, and this promotes lack of attention to detail. In addition, such cooperation provides fewer opportunities for personalization. You buy a finished product, and it is up to you how you arrange the various pieces of furniture, which, for example, do not quite fit into the possibilities of the space.

And finally, third, buying from a company that specializes in dedicated solutions (such as Vonart) means more post-purchase support. We encourage you to take a look at our offer. We provide expert advice at every stage of cooperation.