In drugstores and cosmetics and perfume stores, the shelves are filled with all sorts of specifics. These products are most likely to be purchased by people who care about their beauty and want to maintain a fresh and youthful appearance. So it’s worth taking care of a good drugstore furniture, which are not only specially adapted to such preparations and allow them to be perfectly displayed, but also themselves harmonize with the character of the customers.

Does drugstore decor matter?

Display tables should be the background for the products presented on the shelves. They are of great importance and therefore should have a discreet yet minimalist design that will not distract from the assortment on display.

Drugstore furniture with natural cosmetics should be made of aesthetically pleasing materials in subdued colors that harmonize with the color scheme of the entire store. Shelves made of:

  • wood,
  • metal,
  • Glasses.

What are the trends in commercial interior design?

To attract the attention of the right customers in a natural cosmetics store, drugstore furniture must harmonize with the brand’s climate. Current trends in commercial interior design that correspond with products

  • loft,
  • boho,
  • eco-friendly.

For both perfume display cases and cosmetics racks, light also plays a very important role. The best way to do this is to install LED strips, which will further emphasize the qualities of the products on display.

How to choose the best drugstore furniture?

The choice of the type of furniture is of great importance. Display tables, where you can display products for impulse purchases (I see it – I want it) or in promotion, are very important.

It is also necessary to provide customers with adequate access to the cosmetics on display and free space to move between shelves. A bookcase with a mirror is a very good solution. This is a functional piece of furniture that allows customers to test the products offered in the store first-hand.

What to look for when choosing a display furniture company?

Drugstore furniture should always be adapted to the type of assortment presented, but also to the size of the premises. Before choosing them, you should carefully consider which will be the best solution for your natural cosmetics store and decide on ready-made sets or choose custom-made display tables.

It is always a good idea to look for an experienced company that offers comprehensive services. A proven solution is our company, which not only handles the design, but also the execution and implementation. Vonart specialists will take into account all comments and needs of the client to prepare racks perfectly suited to a specific type of assortment.