Practical arrangement of store space is extremely important. However, we often forget about its functional aspect and focus only on the aesthetic and eye-catching appearance of the furniture and accessories in the rooms. What should distinguish store shelving? Manufacturer these furniture offers a wide assortment of various shelving units, but it is up to us to decide which model to fit into our store. Check out our tips to help you choose the perfect one.

Functionality and practicality

Store shelving They must, above all, be functional. Pay attention to whether the height of the shelves can be freely configured and the shelves can be connected to each other in a sequence. This will allow you to perfectly match the furniture to the interior, as well as change its arrangement in the future. Even when rearranging the appearance of the store, it will not be necessary to replace the furniture, you will simply rearrange it according to the new idea, creating appropriate compositions.

Quality of metal and wood used in production

When looking for bookcases for your store, pay attention to the quality of the materials used in their manufacture, namely metal and wood. By betting on proven furniture manufacturers, we can be sure that the components they use will not be damaged and will be marked by high quality. Buying bookcases is an investment for years, if you choose the right furniture.

Minimalist form

Many people buying store shelves focuses on the arrangement of their appearance, however, forgetting what their primary task is. And yet it is the display of goods. Therefore, it is advisable to choose furniture with a minimalist design that will not focus attention on itself and divert it from the products on display. Minimalist furniture has another advantage – if you ever decide to completely change the look of your store, you won’t have to buy new shelving, as it will easily match the new interior style.

Store shelving. Manufacturer local and individual approach

Store shelving performed by Vonart, are distinguished by their individual approach to the project, its execution and realization. It’s a completely different quality of cooperation that you won’t find by choosing furniture from chain stores. If you choose to order from a local manufacturer, you are supporting the Polish market, and also gain confidence in where the materials used in the production of store shelving come from.

If you are looking for store shelving that works for your business, contact us. We are happy to help you create the perfect interior design.