Commercial interior design is significantly different from the design of private housing. It is necessary to use other types of furniture, as well as a completely different layout of all elements. Our company is engaged in the production of custom furniture, as well as its design and installation. We encourage you to take a look at our offer.

Store furniture vs. commercial interior design

Store interior design is a difficult issue, first of all, you need to decide on the purchase of appropriate furniture. Regardless of the type of assortment that will be sold, you should get the right shelving. We offer design and production of customized furniture. This is extremely practical, since commercial spaces can have really different dimensions and therefore different conditions for arrangement.

What kind of furniture to choose?

It’s a good idea to choose different racks for larger goods and others for small items, such as bottles of alcohol or cosmetics. The shelves can be made of stainless steel, and the shelves can be made of wood or particleboard. However, all furniture should be durable and be able to carry a certain weight of goods.

Hangers can also come in handy in store spaces. We encourage you to choose furniture on wheels so that you can easily move it from place to place. Glass cabinets are also a good option. They allow the goods to be viewed freely and thus protect them from damage.

Store interior design cannot take place without counters and display tables. This furniture, in addition to good technical performance, should also exhibit aesthetics and functionality. In addition, it is a good idea to install several drawers under the counter to accommodate smaller items such as tickets, documents or money.

Furniture for other commercial spaces

Our company also makes furniture for other public use spaces such as warehouses, back rooms and offices. Commercial interior design Is carried out with attention to the smallest details. Each element affects the functionality of the space. Just like in stores, warehouses and offices will certainly need various types of shelving. It is known that those located in warehouses need to be more sturdy, while office ones, usually take up less space and are designed to store various documents.

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