There are as many ideas for interior design as there are tenants. Recently, in turn, also in Wroclaw, one can notice a growing interest in loft-style decor, in which perforated metal is used. You can find all sorts of uses for it, from furniture and decoration to wall or ceiling finishes. What exactly is perforated metal and why should you consider using it in your interior design?

What is perforated sheet metal? Wroclaw

Perforated sheets are metallurgical products, characterized by the presence of regular holes, formed by appropriate laser cutting (Wroclaw has one of the better workshops that allow such treatments on metal materials). This cut comes in different densities, depending on customer preference. To make it accurate, lasers are used for this purpose. Thus prepared, the material has not only functional, but also aesthetic qualities, creating or completing the original effect of the interior. Its creation is possible thanks to laser cutting services in Wroclaw.

Characteristics perforated sheets

Perforated metal sheets (Wroclaw) not only adds an industrial character or accent to the interior, but also realizes the resulting motif of solidity and durability. Perforated sheets come in a variety of shapes, designs and colors. What look they ultimately take on depends on the individual preferences of the customers, so the effect obtained with their use can be truly unique.

Deciding to use perforated metal sheets in the interior, you can choose from various shapes of the sheets themselves, such as:

  • square,
  • rectangular,
  • ovals.

Perforations also come in a multitude of shapes. They can be:

  • round,
  • square,
  • rectangular,
  • longitudinal,
  • hexagonal,
  • custom.

Perforated metal sheets (Wroclaw) as an element of interior design

Perforated metal decor elements will work well in industrial style spaces. They will also provide an interesting way to break other styles. This is influenced not only by the choice of raw material, but also by the original design and the operation of light and shadow, which can be freely created with the use of properly cut sheets.

Perforated metal sheets can be used to make furniture. The resulting cabinets, tables, shelves or bookcases will not only serve for years, but also add character to the interior. Perforated metal sheets (Wroclaw) works perfectly in juxtaposition with wood, glass and stone, and the number of compositions possible to create with their use is almost unlimited.

What’s more, perforated metal can provide an interesting interior solution in the form of original screens and partitions. Without completely enclosing the space, they allow to isolate it, while creating interesting optical phenomena.

Referring to the latter, it is difficult not to mention the use of perforated sheets in the production of lamps, which give the interior a unique atmosphere.

In conclusion, perforated metal is a durable and very versatile solution. Its application and final shape are limited only by the imagination. If you want to spruce up your interior or carry out another project using an interesting material, contact us. We will be happy to tell you about our offerings, which include. laser cutting. Wroclaw is our headquarters, look for us at ul. Fabryczna 10.