There are several more or less well-known techniques that enhance the image of stores and make a real difference in sales. One of them is the well-thought-out design and its most important part – the checkout counters.

Merchandising and its principles

This is a basic concept, well known to every store owner. It involves engaging all of the client’s senses. It is an arrangement of products on the shelves, music, enticing grocery counters (or rather, the products located next to them) and even the smell, which is supposed to evoke pleasant associations and induce the shopper to visit the point for a longer period of time. Colors and their emotional overtones play a big role. Everything should be consistent and fit together so as not to give the impression of chaos, which deters consumers.

Store counters and exhibition – the main characters

Site and checkout counters are key elements of the store, they should be properly arranged and landscaped. The logo, the display of the goods and its appropriate arrangement on the exhibition have a representative function and, in the perception of the customer, determine the quality of the service. Checkout counters on the other hand, is the place where customers spend the most time standing in line.

Lighting also plays an important role – properly selected lighting has a positive impact on shoppers’ buying behavior.

The store should be tidy and clean, especially where the customer spends the most time – this is, of course, the store counters, which are the last (and most important) stage of a visit to the store. When taken care of and matched to the decor, they can determine whether a customer will come back for more purchases.

A point of sale operating according to these principles should be as functional as possible, but also aesthetically pleasing. This is especially important for small stores, which have to fight for customers due to the high competition in the market.

Impulse buying

Impulse buying plays a very big role in sales. They signify the purchase of goods by the customer on the spur of the moment, without much thought – these are usually small products, such as candy, chewing gum, snacks, as well as items promoted in drugstores or accessories in clothing stores.

The impulse to buy usually takes place in the “golden zone,” which is where the checkout counters. So it’s worth taking care of a professional project that can bring profits in the long run. Do not forget about proper exposure and regular replenishment. All elements (such as racks and baskets) should fit together-it has a big impact on the customer’s feel and willingness to buy. This confirms the prevailing belief that store counters Are the heart of the store, where the customer should feel at ease and comfortable.

We are well aware of all this when we carry out orders at Vonart. With each project, we consider all aspects of successful sales and provide comprehensive support in equipping the store. This translates into gaining an edge over your competitors and increasing your sales performance, as you can easily see today. We encourage you to consult with our experts.