Drugstores, perfumeries and stores selling selected cosmetics attract beauty care enthusiasts. Modern outlets are distinguished by top-quality staff who know the ins and outs of grooming and makeup, as well as remarkable, eye-catching store equipment. Wroclaw reinvents the beauty industry and puts a contemporary spin on the trade, in line with current trends.


Modern drugstore, or what kind of drugstore?

In order to properly design a store offering beauty products, it is necessary to consider the nature and needs of future customers. During the quarantine, many people got caught up in reading discussion forums about conscious care for the face, body or hair. Groups such as facialing or hairdressing attract thousands of Internet users who deepen their knowledge of cosmetology and professional makeup. In recent years, professional and amateur YouTube channels treating beauty have also become extremely popular. Consumers know good care habits and are more aware.

Hand in hand with knowledge comes ever higher demands. Customers expect an assortment of top Polish and foreign brands, as well as a personalized approach to advice. Professional product testing booths – with comfortable chairs, large mirrors and natural lighting – also already seem a matter of course. What should it be store fixtures? Wroclaw relies on natural and environmentally friendly materials:

  • safety tempered glass,
  • durable metal,
  • natural wood.


Display table a piece of furniture to encourage shopping

To attract the attention of customers, it is worth reaching for design elements that will distinguish our store from the competition. In this role, a display table will be perfect. This furniture is perfect for sales, but will also allow you to highlight novelties or products from the premium line.
Display table
should be additionally equipped with multicolored spot lighting, which will beautifully reflect the light from the cosmetics enclosed in glass bottles.


Store equipment Wroclaw – reach for the offer of Vonart

Looking for the perfect store fixtures in Wroclaw? Think about the needs of your future customers and contact Vonart specialists. Together, we will create an unfussy, modern design that will encourage purchases and create an apt visual identity consistent with the values important to your brand. To our credit, we have completed projects for many demanding industries. It is worth noting that the order is handled holistically – from the design, production and installation at the service premises.