Starting a new business always involves a lot of stress and uncertainty. However, with proper preparation, apprehension can quickly turn into excitement and enthusiastic anticipation. Learn how the design of store furniture for a music store should look like and how to arrange a unique space that will set the premises apart from the competition.


Designing store furniture for a musical instrument establishment

First of all, it’s worth considering what kind of musical instruments you want to offer to customers and the nature of the premises. In Western countries, local, atmospheric salons that offer both instruments from reputable global brands and second-hand playing instruments are becoming increasingly popular. Such a solution makes the store a space for exchange, many spontaneous conversations and encounters, and this translates into more customers.

Audiophiles and instrument enthusiasts like to thoroughly test equipment before buying, so it’s important to create a comfortable environment for them. Take care of bright, warm lighting and adequate soundproofing of the room. Designing store furniture for a music store can start by choosing a store plan, if you intend to offer large-sized instruments, the best choice will be a layout with unrestricted traffic flow to ensure:

  • The ability to move freely through the alleys,
  • Conveniently display premium or discounted products with display tables,
  • easy zoning of the assortment, i.e. dividing products into different categories, e.g. guitars, amplifiers, strings and guitar synthesizers side by side,
  • A lot of space for original creative solutions and combining various creative store furniture designs.


Store furniture manufacturer Vonart ensures durability for years to come

Even audiophiles are visual learners, so it makes sense to create a music store retail space that is visually appealing and becomes a brand trademark. Heavy instruments and amplifiers require sturdy racks with high load capacity. Durability for years will be ensured by shelves and display tables made of the highest quality raw materials, such as:

  • wood,
  • steel,
  • tempered glass,
  • Precious metals like copper and brass,
  • stone.


Store furniture manufacturer Vonart tailors solutions to the requirements of the industry and creates equipment that serves for years to come. Our specialists not only design store furniture, but also manufacture shelving in their own factory, as well as fast and precise installation in the showroom. If you have any questions about the interior design of your business premises, use the contact form – with our help your business will instantly stand out from the competition.