The market of young consumers is ruled by the Internet, so in order to encourage young people to shop in a stationary store, we need to make sure that we have an attractive display that will invite them to enter and revisit the premises. Find out what kind of furniture for a clothing store to choose and what arrangement will set you apart from the competition.


Furniture for a clothing store – bet on natural materials

Young people are increasingly environmentally conscious and are translating their views into consumer choices. Therefore, a modern youth fashion establishment should be arranged with care for the environment. When choosing furniture for a clothing store, go for eco-friendly and durable raw materials, such as:

  • metal,
  • wood,
  • tempered glass.

Choosing this type of plastic, we can be sure that the equipment will be characterized by ease of cleaning and resistance to harmful external factors. Not having to replace clothing store furniture for many years will in turn save a lot of money.

On the other hand, it is not worth betting on artificial materials that have a bad press, such as excess plastic. By creating a coherent, unified arrangement of the premises, we will be more credible in the eyes of pro-environmental customers.


Loft style furniture for a clothing store

At Vonart, we specialize in loft style, which is at once representative in appearance and functionality, and perfectly in tune with changing fashion trends. Metal interlaced with glass gives the impression of unforced elegance and brings to mind the retro style favored by young people.

When designing furniture for a youth fashion store, we need to keep changing fashions in mind and arrange the space in a way that facilitates frequent modifications to the display. If you have a large area, it is also worthwhile to separate different themed zones, such as:

  • underwear section,
  • sportswear space,
  • premium clothing zone or on promotion.


Why reach for clothing store furniture from Vonart?

When choosing a manufacturer of furniture for a clothing store, it is worth tapping into the knowledge and experience of a company that handles the order holistically. At Vonart, we not only create an unconventional and excellent quality assortment, but also offer on-site installation, as well as expert advice. Not sure what kind of system will work for your property? Contact us, together we will find the best solution that will distinguish your youth clothing store from the competition.