Metal has always been associated with durability and solidity for a reason. Furniture and accessories made of this material are characterized by resistance to the elements and guarantee safety. Check out the production of metal components and where they can find their use.


What sectors benefit from the production of metal components?

Production of metal components
is useful wherever reliability and high structural strength are important, including. w:

  • Energy and lighting industries,
  • Mining and metallurgy,
  • welding and construction industries,
  • In telecommunications,
  • health care,
  • On the railroad.

Increasingly, the raw material is also used when arranging service spaces, such as various types of stores, restaurants and beauty salons. Loft-style furnishings and accessories, that is, made of glass, wood and metal, are growing in popularity. Do you have your own property? You may be interested in such constructions as:

  • perforated sheet – an original decoration used to finish walls or ceiling, plant pots can be mounted in the holes. It is also a good idea to use this structure as a screen to delineate zones and divide the space,
  • Laser-cut hangers, drawer handles or furniture components,
  • Store gondola made of metal – this element will diversify the shopping hall and allow to distinguish products on promotion or premium goods.


Production of metal parts – how do we do it?

At Vonart, we are engaged inthe production of metal components both in batches and single constructions. The projects are carried out in our modern furniture factory. Among other things, we have a laser punching machine from the Japanese company Arad. The tool allows for extremely precise cutting and engraving, including on thin sheets.

Thanks to the detailed die-cutting, we get perfectly matching shelves and racks, which in turn facilitates hygiene – no gaps are formed between the joints that collect dust and dirt.


Production of metal elements – bet on the experience of Vonart company

Do you run a service outlet and would like to transform the character of your space? Or maybe you are just opening a commercial establishment and do not know how to arrange the interior to stand out from the competition and attract guests?

Apply to the specialists at Vonart – since 1990 we have been constantly modernizing and expanding our offer to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers. Together we will create a cohesive and original arrangement that will serve you for many years to come.