According to the Ad Monkey website, 240 stationary bookstores were closed nationwide during the pandemic. The absence of industry trade shows, canceled author meetings and the temporary ban on stationary sales have certainly negatively affected many businesses. But at the same time, as the National Library report shows, Poles are reading more and more every year, and the declining phase of the pandemic is cause for optimism. Do you run a local bookstore or antique shop? Check out how to stand out from the competition with unique system furniture in 3 steps.

Step 1: choose the right plan and system furniture

The first step in reorganizing an existing book store or creating an entirely new bookstore space should be choosing the right layout. Merchandise needs to be properly displayed so that shoppers can quickly find the item they are looking for and – on occasion – reach for novelties. It’s also a good idea to leave some free space that will be reserved for unique author meetings, which will attract fans of the writer or writer and thus provide new potential customers. Plans to choose from include:

  • Row – allows you to use the full potential of the racks and use every square meter, it is most often used for medium-area stores. It is worth betting on system furniture in light, neutral colors that will not distract from the multicolored book covers,
  • Loop – in this type of layout, the shelves mark the path the customer must take from the entrance to the checkout, which allows for easy display of novelties or promotions. It will be perfect for premises with a small area,
  • with unrestricted traffic flow – great for large area stores, allows the use of system furniture, store gondolas, wall racks and display tables.

Step 2: system furniture From a chain store or custom-made?

System furniture from chain stores tempt with easy accessibility and low prices, but they won’t set our antique or bookstore apart from the competition. In addition, they are often made of low-quality raw materials prone to deterioration, and there is nothing worse than wobbly shelves and bookcases bending under the weight of books. Professional manufacturer of store furniture will take care of the highest quality of materials, as well as carry out an individual, unique design, which will allow you to freely change the arrangement and rearrange the furniture.

Step 3: the best manufacturer of store furniturewhich one?

Choosing store furniture manufacturer, it is worth betting on a company that has many years of experience and takes care of each order holistically – starting with the right design tailored to the layout of our store, through solid production and fast installation. These features are fulfilled by the Vonart company. Want to add style and uniqueness to your commercial interior? Apply today.