Despite the rapid growth of e-commerce sales, stationary sports stores are still very popular – customers like to test their dream equipment on the spot, get expert advice or quickly try on clothes for a weekend mountain rally. However, in order for the premises to attract consumers and encourage shopping, it is necessary to bet on modern and comprehensive store equipment – we suggest how to do it.

Before you choose comprehensive store equipment, think about the plan

When arranging a modern store, the first step should be to choose the right plan. Then we select comprehensive store equipment, which will fit into the chosen system and support sales. The choices are:

  1. Row layout – perfect for medium-sized stores, allows you to fully utilize the space and move freely around the store. For this type of plan, we primarily choose tall sturdy racks that will hold heavy sports equipment such as dumbbells, griffins or kettlebells, and look stable and elegant at the same time,
  2. Loop system – rarely used in sports stores. It works well in small spaces, as it allows you to fill every square meter of the premises,
  3. Plan with unlimited traffic flow – gives the most possibilities, allows you to combine different shelving systems and assemble comprehensive store equipment from such elements as gondolas, display table, hooks, mannequins or wall-mounted racks.

Customized store furniture Or ready-made solutions?

Comprehensive store equipment from a chain store is a quick and popular solution, but is it the best? Ready-made shelving and racking systems do not stand out with originality and our store will not stand out from the competition thanks to them. Also, the materials from which furniture is made often leave much to be desired. Chipping paint, unstable structures or a stiff appearance – these are just some of the drawbacks of ready-made equipment.

Therefore, it is worth investing in customized store furniture. We can bet on trendy resin countertops, enchanting with a rich color palette and unique design, or timeless industrial-style pieces – made from a combination of laser-cut steel, natural wood and strong tempered glass.

Reach for customized store furniture from Vonart

For years, we have been creating functional and comprehensive store equipment and service premises. We can make a full arrangement or just retrofit an existing property. We handle each order holistically – from project preparation customized furniture, through professional construction in our workshop, ending with fast and precise installation. Do you run a sports store and would like to change the image of your punk? Apply today.