Appropriate, original design of a commercial interior is an added value – it encourages customers to cross the threshold and makes the ordinary activity of shopping a pleasant time spent. But how to turn an idea into a purposeful implementation? We check what mistakes at Designing the interior of the store should be avoided.

1. no commercial interior plan

Many people when designing a commercial interior, focuses on the appearance of the furniture, forgetting about its layout. And yet, how we arrange the shelves affects the perception of the entire store and the convenience of moving between the aisles. The plans we can choose from include:

  • Row layout – will be a good solution for medium-sized stores, allows easy development of space, using the surface of walls, floors and corners. It will work well for industries such as food, cosmetics, toys and bookstores,
  • loop layout – will work well in small premises, where we want to use every square meter of space. It will be ideal for gas station stores, newspaper stores or other specialty stores. The shelves delineate the path a customer must take from the entrance to the checkout, making it easier to highlight new products or assortments at promotional prices,
  • layout with an unlimited purchase path – perfect for large and medium-sized service locations. The large space allows for creative solutions and the combination of many store furniture such as: gondolas, hangers, wall racks or the so-called “store furniture”. Swedish display tables.

2. too expressive accessories and store fittings

The primary task of equipment for a commercial establishment is the display of the product range, and this should be kept in mind at every step of the designing the interior of the store. It is worth choosing bookcases with timeless, minimalist forms, then the customers’ eyes will be attracted by the products offered, not the furniture. Another important element is adequate lighting – harsh light can tire the eyes and discourage shopping, it is worth choosing fluorescent lights with a pleasant neutral color.

3. furniture straight from the chain store

Unfortunately, furniture from chain stores is often made of cheap, low-grade materials. When you invest in customized furniture, you can be sure that the furnishings will be made of the highest quality raw materials such as metal, wood and tempered glass. By betting on experienced manufacturers, we are guaranteed durability for years. Custom-made bookcases also make it possible to fill the space of unusual rooms – small, with numerous bevels or curves.