According to a Kantar Public survey, more than half of Poles (52%) own a pet, this makes a pet store an increasingly popular business idea. A modern premises should be characterized by well-developed space and solid equipment – these elements will guarantee more sales and comfortable work. Find out why metal shelving is ideal for a modern pet range store.

Modern pet store – why you should choose metal racks?

Keepers of domestic pets often treat their pets like family members or close friends. There is also a growing awareness of the care and nutritional needs of the wards. The days of pet stores where we could see colorful fighters kept in plastic cups or cat food full of grains and preservatives are thankfully a thing of the past. But adequate sourcing is only one of the components of market success.

When designing a modern pet store, we need to consider what kind of assortment we should highlight and display first to encourage people to cross the threshold. Equally important is the plan of the store – it’s a good idea to have enough space that entering with a larger dog won’t be a problem. This is because the owner of the pet may want to adjust the size of the harness to the dimensions of the four-legged dog or try the new clothes on him. Another important element is store furniture – metal shelving will provide adequate support for heavy bags of feed and will serve many years unchanged. It is worth noting that this product is easy to clean, which is extremely important in establishments that sell fragile food by weight, such as pet food.

Reach for metal shelving laser-cut

To make the elements of metal shelving were made aesthetically and sturdily, it is worth opting for laser-cut furniture. The Vonart brand offers products made with a Japanese cutting and engraving machine – the Esis 315 from Amad. The use of a high-tech laser guarantees, among other things:

  • Accurately carved edges – no sharp, chipped edges that could injure customers or damage goods,
  • minimal deformation of the material being cut,
  • the formation of only small irregularities on the surface of the separation, which allows you to accurately fit the individual components of the metal rack.

Metal store shelving from real craftsmen

Manufacturer metal store shelving Vonart creates furniture tailored to the needs of a particular business and with an eye toward bolstering sales. We take care of the overall implementation of the order – from the preparation of a professional design through precise laser cutting of furniture elements, to rapid installation at the destination. We offer both individual components and entire systems metal shelving. That’s why you can turn to us not only when you open a new pet range store, but also when you need to retrofit an existing one. Contact us today – our experienced specialists will be happy to advise you on how best to equip your commercial space.