Stationery establishments offer a wide variety of assortments. It is worthwhile to ensure that the store is properly equipped – a well thought-out layout of the room will help customers to move freely within each of its departments. Are you planning to buy furniture for your stationery store? Read what you should pay attention to when arranging a commercial premises.

How to choose furniture for stationery stores? Racks and display tables

Paper store equipment should attract potential customers with an original design. It is worth choosing furniture that stands out for its fashionable finish and multitude of functionalities. Modular design, numerous shelves and hooks, adjustable feet – Vonart accessories will provide your salesmen with high comfort.


In the offer of our store there are practical store racks in different variants. High

furniture for stationery stores

are equipped with fully compatible hangers and shelves. With this solution you will be able to present any type of assortment to customers.

It is also worth mentioning that the bookcases are modular – the furniture can be easily disassembled and then located anywhere.

Our store offers a variety of variants of metal store structures, such as free-standing, double-sided or wall-mounted shelving.

Display tables

In order to effectively attract the attention of the customer, it is worth ensuring that the central part of the store is properly equipped. Display tables are often placed next to the checkout counter. This solution will help present a promotional assortment that you can easily reach for while waiting for your turn at the checkout.

What’s more, stationery store furniture can be equipped with lockable display cases. The extra space will help store premium products.

Paper store equipment – take care of the layout of the premises

When opening a stationery store, it is worth taking care of the proper layout of the entire premises. Each group of accessories sold should have a dedicated space. This solution will help keep things organized while making it easier for customers to navigate through departments.

Furniture for stationery stores can be branded with plaques and graphics. Notebooks, folders, blocks or pencil cases – in order to ensure that the layout of the premises is friendly, it is advisable to label each section with appropriate badges.

Are you planning to purchase store equipment? Check out Vonart’s furniture offer

When arranging the decor of a business premises, it is worth opting for practical furniture with a modular design. At Vonart, we offer

store equipment

of various types, characterized by high quality workmanship. Our specialists emphasize the individual needs of clients, so the furniture we design undergoes personalization.

Wondering which shelving models will work best for your premises? Contact our consultant and learn more about the offer of Vonart furniture systems.