For a store that sells jewelry, proper interior design is of paramount importance. The premises should encourage potential customers to shop through an aesthetically pleasing arrangement of the assortment. What kind of furniture for a jewelry showroom will be chic, yet properly protected? Read what to consider when choosing jewelry store equipment.


What to pay attention to when choosing furniture for a jewelry showroom?

Jewelry store equipment should be elegant and chic, and more importantly, practical to use. It is worth opting for solutions that will present jewelry to the customer in an aesthetically pleasing, accessible way. What types of jewelry showroom furniture are the most functional?

Displays and showcases

Furniture with appropriately placed glazing is an essential element of jewelry store equipment. It is worth opting for display cases and showcases whose design allows the installation of lighting. Special, distinctive led lights brighten up the space, focusing the customer’s attention on the product on display. For jewelry storefronts, cold-colored lighting will be a good choice. Cool white will help focus the customer’s eyes on less visible details.

Wanting to go beyond the replicated patterns, it is worth considering the choice of individualized pieces of furniture for the jewelry showroom. Steel finishes, appropriate security features or personalized branding in the form of plaques and graphics are among the numerous modifications that jewelry store equipment can undergo.

Store counters

As with display cases and showcases, glass counters are ideal for equipping jewelry stores. It’s primarily furniture that helps the retailer present the product range directly to the customer. Store counters can be equipped with special modifications, including. Customized layout of shelves for jewelry displays.


How to take care of the proper protection of jewelry showroom furniture?

Jewelry store equipment should be characterized by functionality. It’s worth investing in security features that will adequately protect your valuable inventory from potential damage. In the case of jewelry premises, a good option would be to choose equipment that has a key lock. Thanks to the glass structure of the furniture, the customer has the opportunity to see the product in detail without interfering with the contents of the display case.


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