An in-store showroom is a specially designated space that encourages customers to take a closer look at the assortment on display. Are you planning to refresh the arrangement of your premises and looking for functional furniture systems? Learn tips to help you choose comprehensive store equipment.

How to decorate a showroom? Impressive multimedia furniture

Vonart offers multimedia furniture systems that are sure to attract the attention of your store’s customers. It is worth noting that structures of this type are created by us from scratch. Full personalization of the furniture allows you to adjust its functions to the needs of both consumers and employees of the premises.

Wondering how to set up a showroom to attractively present the product you are selling? Vonart furniture systems can be equipped with additional modules, such as LED displays, monitors, TVs or game consoles.

It is worth noting that

comprehensive store equipment

is distinguished by its modular design. The structures can be freely arranged – the customer adjusts the preferred type of back or the number and angle of shelves.

Wanting to distinguish the assortment sold, it is worth opting for furniture branding – the structures can be enriched with plaques or graphics. What’s more, the modular layout of the shelves allows for the installation of materials that will promote the products on display.

How to choose comprehensive store equipment? Display tables

Showroom furniture should be distinguished by its functionality and friendly design. The display tables available in our offer are extremely sturdy – their load capacity can be adjusted to the weight of a particular assortment.

Wondering how to decorate a showroom that will long be remembered by your customers? Vonart brand display tables are manufactured from the highest quality materials. The furniture can be lacquered in the colors of your choice to match the design of the entire store as much as possible. We use a wide range of materials to create structures, such as steel, wood, aluminum and metal.

How to decorate a showroom? Vonart furniture assembly

Installation work in shopping malls usually takes place in the evening after the premises close. Our specialists offer comprehensive services for transportation, installation and rearrangement of furniture systems. It is also worth mentioning that our entire range comes with a 24-month warranty. Importantly, Vonart also offers special services, such as design preparation and store arrangement.

Wondering how to decorate the showroom of your store? Check out Vonart’s furniture offer

When planning to refresh the interior of a business premises, it is worth taking care of the proper arrangement of the showroom. Modern, minimalist furniture systems are sure to focus the attention of customers, encouraging them to take a look at the presented store assortment. Wondering how to functionally furnish a business premises? Contact our consultant and learn about the offer of comprehensive store equipment from Vonart.