When furnishing a store, it is worth opting for modular furniture with an aesthetic design. The coordinating designs are sure to catch the eye of your customers, focusing their attention on the haberdashery and sewing accessories on display. Read what to consider when choosing

store equipment


How to choose functional store furniture for haberdashery? Modular shelving

Are you looking for functional furniture systems that will allow you to effectively present a diverse assortment? Our store offers modular shelving units with compatible shelves.

What should be kept in mind when choosing store furniture for haberdashery? High, low, double-sided or wall-mounted bookcases – our specialists especially recommend minimalist designs that will allow you to aesthetically arrange the entire room. It is worth mentioning that the shelves of our brand are distinguished by the resistance to load and abrasion of the varnish. Importantly, they are also easy to clean.

The Vonart store also offers racks with specialized shelves, equipped with, among other things. In reinforcements or limiters.

Minimalist haberdashery display tables

Functional display tables will help you effectively present the assortment you sell. The furniture is characterized by a wealth of additional modules, such as adjustable legs. Importantly, the load capacity of the table is adjusted according to the load of the goods.

Our brand’s structures are made of durable materials, including. wood, metal or tempered glass. Thanks to the quality finish, you will gain confidence that the furniture will serve you for many years.

Steel store furniture for haberdashery

The distinctive steel furniture is of great interest to our customers. Vonart’s experts offer laser cutting services for metal parts, so that the resulting structures can be fully customized.

Steel haberdashery store furniture is distinguished by, among other things, a small heat-affected zone, minimal deformation and clean and perpendicular edges. What materials can be subjected to laser cutting? Experts construct furniture from such materials as copper, brass, black steel or aluminum, among others.

Are you looking for metal accessories that will attract the attention of your haberdashery customers? At Vonart, we offer the service of making both furniture and hooks, hangers or drawer handles.

Are you planning to refresh the arrangement of your haberdashery? Explore Vonart’s offerings

Vonart specialists offer modular customized store furniture. We are based on the latest technologies, so that when producing equipment for service premises, we fully adapt to the needs of the customer. Looking for modular store furniture for haberdashery? Contact us for a personalized offer for your property.