The distinctive steel furniture is distinguished by its durability and minimalist, aesthetic design. Manufacturers offer quality shelving with smooth edges that meet all kinds of health and safety requirements. Are you looking for striking accessories that will give your interior an unparalleled character? Read what laser cutting in metal is all about.

What are the characteristics of laser cutting in metal?

Laser cutting of metal is a permanent service of Vonart. Our specialists work in one of Wroclaw’s machine parks, creating high-quality steel furniture that is fully customized.

Our brand’s experts use advanced technologies on a daily basis to produce a durable structure with attention to even the smallest details.

What distinguishes steel furniture? Laser-cut structures are characterized by, among other things: minimal deformation, low heat input, clean and perpendicular edges and a small heat-affected zone. Read our article Why bet on laser-cut furniture?

To carry out orders, our professionals use modern equipment from the Japanese manufacturer Amada in the Esis 3015 model. Wondering what laser cutting in metal is all about? The equipment allows working on various types of metals, including. Black and stainless steel, aluminum, copper or brass. The machine is stable, so it remains resistant to vibration. Learn the details of laser cutting in our text Laser cutting in metal – durability and reliability.

What is laser cutting in metal? Steel accessories for modern interiors

Metal structures will perfectly complement both the interiors of commercial premises and private apartments. Steel furniture is an indispensable element of minimalist living rooms and bedrooms, which are arranged in an industrial style. It is also worth mentioning that accessories of this kind will go perfectly with large potted flowers.

Importantly, steel accessories are relatively easy to keep clean. When cleaning, simply wipe the furniture with a dampened microfiber cloth.

Laser cutting in metal – take care of the details

With laser cutting technology, both furniture and additional accessories can be made, including. Hooks, hangers and handles for drawers and cabinets. Looking for gadgets that will attract the attention of potential customers of your premises? Vonart also offers an engraving service. Specially engraved elements will impressively decorate a signboard or storefront, which in turn will strengthen the visual identity of your business.

Looking for decorations to liven up the interior of your establishment? Explore the range of furniture from Vonart

Our company offers quality furniture that will be used in both apartments and stores or public institutions. Do you already know what laser burning in metal is all about and are you thinking about buying innovative steel furniture? Contact our consultant and learn more about our range of furniture systems that will delight customers of your premises.

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