DIY markets offer an assortment of goods and building materials with heavy weight, so furniture for a construction store must be characterized by high load resistance. What else should distinguish this type of establishment? Find out how to stand out from the competition and make shopping in your store a pure pleasure.


Furniture for the construction store – solid construction is the basis

Furniture for a construction store should be created for intensive use, as it must withstand heavy loads, as well as frequent cleaning from dust or paint. Nevertheless, it is important to design the structure in such a way that employees and market customers can intuitively use the system in a self-service store.

But durability and ergonomics are not everything, nowadays the design of commercial spaces is also extremely important. It is worth betting on a subdued, matching palette of colors and patterns. In addition, furniture for a construction store should optimally fill the space of the premises, taking into account space for display tables or space for advertising.


Reach for laser-cut construction store furniture

Extremely important when arranging a market with a building product range is the selection of appropriate raw materials from which the arrangement elements will be made. Laser-cut metal structures guarantee an aesthetically pleasing appearance and durability for many years. Furniture for the construction store will also stand out:

  • Accurate kneading of the edges, without sharp edges that could damage the bags of goods,
  • the exact fit of the individual parts of the furniture, which strengthens the entire structure and makes it more stable,
  • minimal deformation of the cut material, providing an elegant, minimalist look that will not distract customers from the range on offer.


Construction store furniture from Vonart – durability for years to come

Vonart’s construction store furniture includes:

All of our products are characterized by high load capacity, so they are perfect for markets offering goods with high weight. The furniture is made from natural raw materials of the highest quality, such as wood, tempered glass and metal. We laser-cut the structures, which guarantees a perfect fit between the different parts of the racks, and therefore easy maintenance.

It is worth noting that we deal with the implementation of the order for furniture for the construction store in a comprehensive manner. Our specialists will prepare a design for you, which will be in accordance with the visual identity of the brand, and then prepare tables and gondolas in Wroclaw furniture factory. We will quickly and accurately install the finished project at the target site. When you partner with Vonart, you are supporting a passionate local business. Take a look at our full offer and contact our specialists today to arrange the details of the order.