Shopfitting is a term that has been around for years in the West, and is slowly making its way into the Polish market of service places as well. In a nutshell, the term is used to describe the influence of the designer and manufacturer of the premises’ interiors on customers’ perception of the products. Coherent, eye-catching and solid – that’s what the right one should be store fixtures. Wroclaw chooses arrangements that turn up sales, learn shopfitting techniques and increase your competitiveness.


Shopfitting: Wroclaw knows how shopfitting affects brand perception

At a time when most sales are moving to the Internet, it becomes even more important to properly design the commercial space of a stationary store. It is the attractive, original arrangement that is able to encourage the customer to visit the establishment. Shopfitting is concerned with matching the design to the needs of consumers, so that the final implementation stands out for its ergonomics, practicality and consistent design.

Many owners of service establishments concert themselves on outdoor advertising and Internet marketing, meanwhile, one of the pillars of modern marketing efforts should also be adequate store fixtures. Wroclaw is a highly competitive city and the place of many thriving businesses, so it is worth investing in solid and original furniture to attract new customers.


Store equipment – what to pay attention to when designing the interior of the premises?

1. room layout and size

Shopfitting involves arranging furniture and other design elements in a thoughtful manner that promotes shopping in a comfortable environment. Store owners can choose from such layouts as loop, row or unlimited shopping path. The former is mainly used at gas stations and small kiosks, while the latter two will work well in boutiques with larger areas.

2. raw materials used to make furniture

Natural materials, in line with the increasingly popular idea of ecology, will work best. Moreover, the austere and minimalist nature of tempered glass, wood or metal will not distract customers from the range on offer. It is also worth betting on variety and maximizing the use of space – store gondolas, a buffet table or suspended shelves are basic store fixtures. Wroclaw Will appreciate thoughtful shopfitting.


Store equipment – Wroclaw and surrounding areas reach for Vonart’s services

Do you want to order reliable and original store equipment in Wroclaw? Reach out to Vonart for its services. Specialists will design your premises according to proven shopfitting guidelines, which will directly translate into increased sales and customer confidence in your brand. Visit the company’s website today and learn about its past projects.