When deciding to open a restaurant, pastry shop or cafe, it is important to remember that in addition to the beautiful interior that customers see and use, the premises should also have adequate facilities. Although catering furniture is not usually visible to customers, the premises could not function without it. That’s why properly arranging the back room and kitchen is crucial when running a catering business.


Furniture for catering – essential elements

The choice of furniture will vary depending on the type of business. However, every establishment must have basic equipment and a few appliances without which it would be difficult to function. These include items such as work tables, dry goods storage space, refrigeration, heating strings, dish racks and sanitary facilities. These are aspects that we must take into account when buying furniture for catering.

The choice of equipment for a catering establishment must be well thought out and anticipate all the activities taking place in the back room and kitchen of a particular catering establishment. It is important to remember that furniture for catering establishments does not have to be characterized by a particular style or design. The most important thing is their functionality and resistance to damage during daily use.


Furniture for catering – what to follow when choosing?

Catering furniture must, above all, be practical and comply with sanitary regulations. When buying, it is worth paying attention to issues such as damage and temperature resistance, as well as ease of cleaning.

Stainless steel furniture is a very popular choice. They meet most of the criteria that catering furniture should have. They are extremely practical and durable, which is why their popularity in restaurants is not waning. The stainless steel from which they are made is non-flammable and will not bend when exposed to very high temperatures. It is also distinguished by its ability to withstand heavy weight and wear out much more slowly than furniture made of wood, for example.


Custom catering furniture – the best choice for an emerging business

Custom-made furniture is undoubtedly the best solution. With good design, it is possible to achieve an optimal work surface, easily keep the furniture clean and ensure safety in daily use.

Deciding on furniture for catering to size, we can adjust their dimensions directly to the dimensions of the premises. This will avoid nooks and crannies where dirt and debris can collect. Custom-designed furniture will fit into the needs of a specific catering business. A good design should include space for kitchen appliances, cabinets, workspace and adequate passageways.

Regardless of the choice of the type of furniture, it is worth remembering that proper design and organization of the space guarantee efficient work in the kitchen and the safety of employees.


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