The toy store is a favorite place for all children. Showcases of colorful, glowing games, cars and dolls infuse the public with a sense of wonder and delight. Children’s paradise is also a well-liked place for parents to pamper their little eyes. What toy store furniture will do the best job? How to decorate a toy store attractively? Let’s take a closer look at the topic. Curious? Here we go!


Toy store equipment

Toy store furniture is one of the key pieces of equipment. Their appropriate arrangement will make both small customers and their parents eager to return to shop. When decorating a toy store, you certainly can not forget about such furniture as:

  • store counters,
  • Wall panels with decorative decors,
  • freestanding gondolas,
  • Racks of varying size and depth.

The above-mentioned elements will enable an attractive display of goods, and what’s more, a well-planned space will make the toy store functional and impressive.


Furniture for toy stores – proper arrangement is the key to success

If you already know what kind of toy store furniture to choose, the next step is to arrange it properly. Properly displaying available products greatly increases the chance of selling them quickly.

The best way to functionally arrange the assortment is through shelving. Open, spacious and highly visible. Designed to the right height and depth, they allow toys to be stored in a variety of interesting arrangements. Ball stands or wire baskets filled with toys will catch the eye of any child.

Capacious shelves made of laminated board will hold a fair amount of merchandise, as will hanging panels for blistered products. In addition, opt for bookcases in a variety of colors to create a child-friendly atmosphere.

Toy store arrangements should take into account the safety of the youngest customers. Furniture for toy stores, in addition to excellent design, should be stable and durable. Moreover, toys for older children that pose a danger (such as being swallowed by toddlers) should be displayed on higher shelves, out of the reach of several-year-olds.


Furniture for toy stores – quality matters

Furniture for the store should be of good quality, with top-notch materials to create a unique and timeless atmosphere that will spark the imagination of the youngest customers. What’s more, it’s a good idea to choose furniture manufactured to size, which will allow you to use the space efficiently, giving you the largest possible amount of display space.


Toy store furniture from Icon Concept

When choosing furniture for toy stores, it is worth betting on the quality and experience of Icon Concept’s specialists. When you choose to work with us, you can be sure that we will find the best solutions for your store and design the perfect space. We will not only prepare an original design for you, but also take care of precise installation at the destination. Learn about our past implementations and contact us today.