A lingerie store will need to arrange a well-thought-out space to properly display the goods on offer. A well-created and equipped interior influences potential profits and customer satisfaction, so it’s worth taking some time to design the store space How to do it? We invite you to read our article.


Furniture for a lingerie store – what to follow at the design stage?

The first important design element is the store counter, which houses the cash register. It is worth it to be a distinguishing element that catches the eye as soon as you enter. Other important furniture includes shelves and bookcases. A good choice will be bookcases, on which you can hang your underwear on hangers, allowing them to be properly presented.

The furniture for a lingerie store should not be too deep, as some of the clothes may go unnoticed by customers. Equally important is the material from which the furniture and lighting are created. It is also very important that the furniture does not obstruct each other, so that the salesperson can freely observe the entire store, and the customer has free access to the entire assortment.

Shelves in a lingerie store should be characterized by small sizes, sufficient to showcase lingerie. Racks with hangers will also be a good choice, where lingerie and accessories will look even better. Furniture for a lingerie store must be adapted to the presentation of specific products, so it is worth deciding on those made to measure – then they can be adjusted to the size of your premises, which will guarantee the appropriate display of goods.


Furniture for a lingerie store – quality matters

Buying cheap or heavily used second-hand fixtures may seem tempting. However, it is worth remembering that the customer notices that the equipment is not distinguished by good quality, and may think the same about the goods on display. It is therefore necessary to take care of aesthetics. Some retailers also choose not only to line the shelves with lingerie, but also invest in several mannequins. Thanks to them, it is clear how the material lays on the body.

Another important consideration is durability. Furniture for a lingerie store is unquestionably a purchase for years, so it is worth making sure that it will not deteriorate quickly. So it’s better to invest a little more in good-quality equipment so that you don’t have to pay for potential repairs later. The material of lingerie store furniture should be easy to clean, and the color of the furniture should be versatile enough to make the interior design timeless and universal.


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