When deciding to open our own store, we most often focus on the choice of
suitable premises, attractive merchandise and proper promotion. Less attention is paid to
Designing and equipping the store. The belief that a few randomly set
shelving and a counter are completely sufficient, is quite common. This mistake already being made at
the beginning often has an impact on the sale itself and whether customers will be willing to our store

What to consider when designing your own store?

Store equipment should be adapted to the assortment, as well as the area
store. The goods must be properly displayed and laid out in such a way that the customer
He found in it what he needs and something more to be additionally tempted by.
The shelves, which are adapted to the size of the store and its industry, must be positioned to allow
Customers move freely. It should be taken into account that the viewer of the goods
Customers should have enough space to quietly without being hit by the
people passing by were able to make a buying decision. Considering these factors,
It is worth knowing that there are proven solutions for setting up shelving in a store. Here are examples:

Inline layout

It will work well in medium-sized stores of such industries as food, cosmetics, or
toymaker. It can also be used in convenience stores or
in bookstores. This layout allows to develop the store in an optimal way, using
floor space, walls and corners in such a way that goods can be easily distributed on shelves.

Loop system

It will be ideal for small stores, where it is important to use every meter
square footage. In such an arrangement, appropriate gondolas or tables are set up on the
the center of the store, shelves on the walls, and a specific shopping path is laid out, which will be
customer followed. The solution will work well in small press lounges or specialized ones
stores such as haberdashery.

An arrangement with an unlimited purchase path

It will be a good solution for large and medium-sized stores where creative counts
The development of space combined with the proper display of goods. Large area
store allows for a variety of custom solutions. Vonart is an experienced manufacturer of
solutions to stores. We advise, design and equip small and large stores. Our
specialists have many implementations behind them and are willing to offer their experience. This is especially
important for companies that are setting up their first store and don’t yet have much knowledge of the
The ergonomics of such a place. Our consultants will not only suggest how to equip the store, but also
Offer products and services to customize the store’s equipment to match its image
brand, which will give it a unique character.

What else do you need to keep in mind when designing a store?

Store equipment is not only shelving, but also the right lighting to help
display goods, and at the same time will not be unpleasant for the customer. Too glaring light
can make customers reluctant to enter such a store. Often store owners
forget about it, thinking that cold harsh light is more professional and brighter, which
Will better display the goods. While such cold lighting will work well in the display of electronics.
In the case of other products, such as food, a better association will be with warm and
subdued light.
Designing your own store should be well thought out and if you are afraid that you do not have a
sufficient knowledge of how to equip the store, it is better to turn to the specialists with this
offering store equipment, who will advise us on the optimal solutions. Maybe it
bring considerable benefits related to the image of the store, as well as subsequent sales.