Organizing space in a store is an important issue for many reasons. On the one hand, the right
space development makes the goods properly displayed, gives customers
The possibility of finding it easily. This is because many customers, unable to see on the shelves of the
products that they are interested in, it just comes out. Another consideration is the convenience of the owner or
vendors. Finding the products the customer asks for in a timely manner, maintaining order
and transparency of the entire display – are of great importance in a store with a small area, where the
make full use of the available space, while maintaining aesthetics. Therefore, in order to
take care of the quality of the display, you should first take care of the right equipment
Store. A great solution in this case is metal store shelving.

Metal shelving – best for small spaces

They are not only aesthetically pleasing and convenient to keep clean. They are also easy to fit. Racks
modular can be customized as needed by adding or changing individual
elements. Solidly and precisely made metal shelving will work well regardless of the type of
of the offered assortment. For a convenience store selling newspapers, candy or bicycle parts the same
It is important to inspire confidence in customers. If you can make them feel in a particular place
well, they will certainly return to it or recommend it to friends. In difficult to arrange
rooms, you can, just like when decorating an apartment, use 3D visualization, or
Take advantage of the support of experienced advisors. Vonart company offers not only functional
solutions and systems for small stores, but also helps to adapt the space optimally.
This will ensure that you get the most out of your property. As a result, the customer
will be able to move freely between shelves without feeling overwhelmed
merchandise crammed on the shelves to the limit.

How to encourage the customer to enter the store?

When designing a store in a small area, it is necessary to consider what kind of goods we want
show first to encourage entry, and which ones to place already at the checkout. It is worth taking care of
for the right climate in the room, as it is often what makes a casual
The passerby spends more time there and becomes a regular customer. Type of goods offered
should have the right kind of shelf, table or bookcase, as this increases its attractiveness
purchasing. It is also worth remembering that the customer should have no problem finding with his eyes
service stations while not feeling watched. It is from what angle it will be
situated in relation to the rest of the room, so it is of tremendous importance.
As a proven way of storing and displaying goods, while providing a
ergonomics in the room, metal shelving units do an excellent job. Wroclaw is a place where with
Certainly, many venues are still looking for interior furnishings. It is worth thinking today about how to
your store should look like in order to be attractive and competitive in the market. To give it style and
character, it is worthwhile to reach for the offer of the company Vonart, which has experience in the implementation of many stores.26