Completing store furniture is a difficult task: it requires a comprehensive analysis of the industry, clientele,
budget and space. If you are considering system furniture in this article we will give you a hint
you whether this is the solution for you.

System furniture emphasizes the character of the store

Excluding large-format stores, which bring together under one roof the products of many
types, from groceries to electronics, most stores sell
goods within a single category. Every industry has its own rules – bread racks
will not find use in a butcher store, and a press stand is of no use in a clothing boutique.
Investing in personalized system furniture then ensures proper exposure
products from your offer. Unify the presentation and make a tailored and aesthetically pleasing interior
Will encourage customers to buy.

System furniture adapts to your needs

Not the least of which is the ability to match the various
fixtures, giving the store a logically organized space.
Proper furnishings have a tangible benefit: they make it easier for staff to work. This translates into
On work efficiency and cost reduction.
In order to take full advantage of the potential of custom-made system furniture, it is necessary to
Select the individual components accordingly. A variety of shelving, counters, display cases and overhead parts
should form one set and complement each other’s capabilities. Our experts will advise you,
What you should opt for.

System furniture takes care of your products

Mentioned in earlier paragraphs opportunities for complex furnishing of space
storefront make it easier to store and display the goods being sold. While some
standardized racks will work well for many goods, there are types of products that work best
present themselves in certain arrangements.
Premium offerings of small size, jewelry, expensive electronics, watches, are on display
usually in tall, glazed and suitably illuminated display cases. In the case of
clothing stores, it is important to remember that most confections are usually found on hangers – the
system furniture is then equipped with tubes on which you can comfortably hang and
review clothes. If the store also sells shoes, the best way to
display can be an investment in a wall of perforated metal on which shelves will be suspended
For individual copies.
System furniture is an investment worth considering both in the course of a renovation and the establishment of a
brand new business. It is worth commissioning a comprehensive furniture system
pros. Contact Vonart’s customer advisors today and see for yourself that furniture
system can transform your sales results and your store image.