When deciding to open a store, a lot of time is spent on merchandising and marketing, often
focusing less on the functionality of the interior than on its appearance. Meanwhile, what has an impact
On the convenience of shopping, but also on the amount of money that a shopper will leave in our checkout, is the distribution of
products and the order in which they are displayed in the customer’s path. Laying out the path so that it finds
everything he came for, but also more – this is one of the elements that can determine the
success in our business.

Knowledge and experience – the perfect duo

A good manufacturer of store equipment – is the one that not only provides the right racks, shelves
or lighting, but above all, one that will support with professional advice.
Experienced companies such as Vonart have many implementations behind them, and they base their expertise not only on
on years of experience, but also on knowledge of numerous studies – including those related to the
customer behavior in the store, shopping paths or purchase motivations. Shop fittings
is not just a fashionable name native to the West. It is also a guarantee that in our store we will avoid
mistakes that can lead to lower turnover and fewer sales. Because about the height of the basket
is determined not only by what products we offer, but also by how we arrange them, illuminate them, and what kind of
products surround them. Even the best merchandise can sell less well if you take it off the shelf
presents difficulties. For example, it raises concerns that removing one box will cause it to tip over
the entire structure.

Good alignment – a better start

Whether your company is opening a small multi-branch store in a residential area or a large salon in a city center
In trade, it is worthwhile to act according to a plan from the beginning. Setting up the furniture on short notice, hoping that in the
of the future, it is the customers who will indicate by their behavior how best to create paths – a very bad way.
Many shoppers get used to the layout in the store and if after a while you rearrange the shelves and
racks may not find the products they are interested in and go to the competition for them.
That’s why it’s a good idea to plan your store layout from the beginning with a proven equipment manufacturer