Shelves, store shelving and trade furniture are basic equipment for any market, kiosk
newspaper, drugstore or vegetable store. With a wide selection of finishing materials,
models and sizes you can easily create functional and practical bookcases for any

Store shelving – types

One of the most popular types of store shelving is wall-mounted shelving. Such a piece of furniture
allows you to create a display line, set directly against the wall. It is very
A practical solution, especially in premises with a small area. At the end of such a sequence, you can
set up a wall-mounted corner bookcase to maximize the use and development of the
spaces. Wall-mounted store shelving can be equipped with shelves or special perforated shelves
backs, which are used to display various types of pendants, e.g. car fragrances, jewelry
or Christmas decorations, for example.

Gondola type store shelving

This type of store furniture is placed in the middle of the room – creating aisles. It’s very
Improves movement around the store, allows clear display of goods, as well as separate
Different themed sections of the store, such as the department with household chemicals, children’s items or
animal food. On the gondolas can be set both drinks and spirits, products
Food or hygiene articles. When buying this type of store rack, it is worth considering
figure out what kind of goods you want to put on it, and then choose its carrying capacity.

Store shelving – trade furniture

In the case of stores specializing in the sale of a single assortment such as meat,
liquor or vegetable store it is worth considering the purchase of branch racks, which are adapted to the
exposure of these products. Bakery store shelves are most often equipped with wooden
shelves or wicker baskets that make bread or rolls look extremely appetizing.
In addition, such furniture is made of materials that are easy to keep clean. Whereas
Wine shelves are set at a special angle so that bottles of alcohol look elegant,
and the customer could easily read the product label.

Store shelving – manufacturer

Vonart company has been successfully producing furniture and store shelving for almost 30 years
and storage facilities. Our experience allows us to create original, practical and
exceptionally aesthetic furniture that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. We do
Custom-made furniture, using the highest quality materials. We invite you to learn more about
our offer!