For years, gas stations have no longer been solely a place to just refuel
The car and wash the windows. Simple points, equipped only with fuel dispensers have evolved into
Minimarkets, full of cold and hot meals, drinks, and magazines-often they even constitute a
A lifeline for unorganized partygoers. In order for these points to serve their
Customers to the highest standards, gas station equipment must take into account the
A number of necessary technical solutions.

Gas station equipment – what furniture is used most often?

Because of the goods offered, resembling the assortment of a standard neighborhood store,
Gas station equipment is not very different from most average minimarkets. To
The most popular solutions are undoubtedly metal system racks, which (depending on the
from the circumstances and currently offered goods) can be rearranged at will, as intended
Among the range of metal racks that make up store furniture equipment, it is worthwhile to
distinguish, first of all, wall-mounted shelving and gondolas, whose task is to display the
goods at a promotional price and those that customers reach for most often. You should also have
Whereas gas stations, like some small stores, are adding to their offerings
a variety of meals served hot – so gas station equipment should include
The risk of harmful effects of heat and various stains from fats and sauces.

Gas station equipment vs. types of goods offered

Almost every gas station has a press corner. To ensure proper exposure
dailies and magazines, it is worth betting on bookcases equipped with a rack and steps that prevent
“pile up” the titles and make each of them clearly visible.
Goods subject to the lower sales age limit, such as alcohol and cigarettes, should
Be located right next to the counter. The equipment of gas stations for high alcohol is
usually a bookcase with shelves, not infrequently equipped with a mirror or lighting panel, on which he sets the
There are individual pieces of premium goods. The cigarette rack is a structure,
which often takes into account the promotion of individual brands. At the discretion of the station manager,
some products occupy specially designated places, often illuminated by LEDs or
Enriched with larger lettering.
It is worthwhile to outsource gas station equipment to an experienced company. Contact today
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sales targets and how to carry out a comprehensive retrofit of the station you own