Common sense says that the most important element for success in the retail industry is highly
competitive bidding. One that will keep customers coming to your store without
hesitation, guided only by the simple balance of the savings generated. Reality shows
however, has become more challenging. Profit and loss account turns out not to be the only factor
decision-making, and the subjective “liking” of the store-element is gaining in importance,
Which makes coming to it not only associated with satisfying basic
needs. How can proper store design help you achieve this state?

Designing stores of medium area: row layout

When planning the design of small or medium-sized stores, rely on the layout
row. It guarantees to maximize the potential of the available racks and will make the
The sold-out goods will be very easy to replace. This arrangement is worth considering in the case of
Which involves designing stores with small products outside the premium segment
(groceries, cosmetics, chemicals, books, toys).
The in-row layout ensures excellent use of the available space: floors, walls and
corners. Adequately wide rack spacing ensures that store employees do not encounter
on obstacles to unloading goods, there is also an opportunity to implement the desired
ways for the customer.

Designing stores and boutiques with small spaces: loop layout

The loop layout works best for the smallest stores, where every meter of
Square footage is at a premium, such as specialty or newspaper stores and newsstands. Main
The premise of the loop layout is to design stores where the customer will encounter a clearly
a delineated purchase path. This effect is achieved by landscaping the walls and space closer to the
The center of the store, which is filled with distinctive gondolas and shelves and tables
displays, which will feature the most important products.

Designing stores with an unlimited shopping path.

This solution is mainly designed for premium store design, where creative
The arrangement of the available space focuses the attention of the client. It is also not without significance
memorable display of goods – these criteria are mainly followed by clothing stores and
Footwear and cosmetics drugstores. A key role is then played by the quality of “interaction” with the
The product. The environment created around the product is to convince the customer of its value and uniqueness.
Vonart’s specialists provide advice on interior design in all
above arrangements. Contact our customer advisors today and learn about the benefits that
Will bring you store design according to proven guidelines.