Among the many types of furniture necessary for the storage and display of goods, one of the
The most important is the store gondola. It is a freestanding piece of furniture that combines the function of storage with
promotional. It is an important element on the customer’s purchase path and can contribute significantly to the
To increase product sales. Under what circumstances will a store gondola prove to be particularly

Is a store gondola a one-size-fits-all solution?

One of the biggest advantages that a store gondola has is that it can be customized to fit the
of the offered goods. Depending on its shape, size or weight, a store gondola can
be equipped with:

  • movable shelves of different lengths, adapted to the dimensions of individual goods
  • hooks and row ends, on which “hanging” products will be placed (starters,
    gift cards, recharges)
  • Frames (e.g., for promoted magazines, records, books)
  • and many other modules, tailored to the needs of each store.

In addition, the store gondola can be extended modularly – individual components can be
Combine to create a larger display. The design thus developed will
be the focal point of the customer’s purchase path and capture their attention.

How to enhance the impact of a store gondola?

The proper positioning of merchandise in a store can affect the volume of customer purchases. Thanks to
specially selected furniture and displays can be arranged so that the customer
bought what he came to the store for, but also replenished his home stock of favorite products, and even
reached for new ones, for example, to try out. In creating exposure to help increase
Turnover will certainly help the store gondola. What to pay attention to when planning the layout
Shelving and racking in retail?

Play of light

Skillful product lighting is one of the most popular (and easiest) ways to
product recognition. Breaking up neutral light with warm and cold tones has
aimed at eliciting a subconscious response from the consumer. E.g., backlighting with warm hues
fruits and vegetables will make them look tastier than in the cold blue light.

The right location

The store gondola should be placed at the central point of the store, at “intersections”
The most traveled roads. This treatment will make more people come across the exposure, which will increase the
chances of quick sales of promoted goods.
The store gondola is one of the most vulnerable pieces of equipment to exploitation
stores. When planning its purchase, it is advisable to opt for the services of a company with many years of experience
experience, such as Vonart. Contact our representatives, who will help you with
Designing a store gondola suitable for your offering. A well-chosen carrycot is not
Only easier display of goods, but also convenience for consumers to reach for them.