Advertising stands and stands are popular marketing tools. Their versatility
makes them applicable in almost any industry. Advertising stands are most often
Used to highlight a particular product, brand or interesting
to present advertising materials. Great for trade shows or other events
industry, and as a permanent fixture in the office. A stand in an unusual shape can be
A very effective form of advertising.

Examples of the use of advertising stands

Advertising or display stands are perfect especially for retail.
Thanks to them you can display your goods in a simple yet impressive way.
A perfect example is an accessory and jewelry store. Minimalist stand, equipped with
The mirror will highlight the appearance of jewelry, and with the rotating function, your customers will easily be able to
view the product they are interested in. There are also advertising stands available on the market, which with their
style will suit various types of interiors, such as rustic, modern or industrial.
Many companies specializing in the production of displays offer their customers to make
A customized advertising stand that is perfectly tailored to their needs.

Advertising stands for printed materials

In addition to highlighting a particular brand or items, advertising stands can serve as a display
Marketing materials such as product flyers, catalogs or information brochures.
A noteworthy model is the Z-SHAPE leaflet stand. Its shape resembles the letter “Z,” a
The lightweight, aluminum and very simple design will work as well in a general store,
Office, as well as a cell phone showroom. Advertising stands are an interesting solution
equipped with baskets in which advertising gadgets or freebies for customers can be placed.
The possibilities for using display or advertising stands are many. If
You are wondering what kind of stand will be the best solution for your company, we invite you to
Contact with our specialists. Vonart in the nearly 30 years since the company was founded
Has produced dozens of racks for various industries including: shoe racks, CDs, DVDs, cosmetics
Or glasses and advertising materials.