When designing a new store, there are several important factors to consider. Its size, distribution
rooms, the amount of assortment that will be on the shelves (and inventory stock). It is also worth
Consider what, besides products, the customer will be looking for from us and what image we want to achieve.
When choosing equipment for a grocery store, it is worth paying attention not only to the appearance of the shelves,
shelves, bins or counters. It is important that the furniture and accessories you purchase are durable and will serve you for
long years.

What kind of racks to choose for a grocery store?

Store shelving should not only fit the size of the premises and the weight of the
display, but also to the type of goods that will stand on them. Another type of shelving is used
for displaying wines and alcoholic beverages, and another for toys or children’s accessories.
The material from which the bookcase is made is also important. Most often the frame of such furniture is
made of stainless steel, and the shelves are made of wood or particle board. The former option is more expensive,
however, much more durable. In addition, wooden racks for the grocery store after time, you can without
renew the problem by applying a new coat of paint or varnish. Shelves made of board
Particleboard or laminated are a great choice in terms of economy, as they are
relatively cheap. However, keep in mind that they are less durable than those made of solid wood.
Therefore, after some time they will require replacement. However, the undoubted advantage of both
solutions is the fact that both the board and the wood are extremely easy to keep clean -.
All you need to do is regularly wipe the shelves with a damp cloth.

Wooden racks for grocery store

If you want to make the goods in your store look more prestigious – bet on racks
Made entirely of wood. This is a very elegant solution, which will be great for
A grocery store, for example, with organically grown fruits and vegetables. Stylish
Accessories such as wicker apple baskets or pots for fresh herbs will make customers
delighted with the appearance of your store, and shopping will be a pure pleasure for them. It is also worth
Mention the fact that racks for a grocery store made of wood, as well as shelves
wooden can be easily restored, and if you want to change the decor – with paint and a roller – you can.
You can easily repaint them in any color you want.
The equipment of a grocery store is extremely important, so you should think about what kind of
The type of furniture will be best for you. The right racks for a grocery store
They will make your work more comfortable, and your customers will be able to move around easily
around the sales floor (even with a baby in a stroller). This will not only translate into daily, efficient
operation of the company, but also on the turnover flowing from your business.