The profitability and success of the business is responsible not only for the competitiveness of the offer. A major role is played by
Also unmeasurable factors that make customers feel good about your store and
They establish a kind of bond with him. Brand loyalty is, of course, a matter of time – there are
However, there are certain aspects that should be taken into account while still in the decor planning stage.

Commercial interior design with space plan in mind

When your job is to design commercial interiors, you can’t overlook the space plan.
It defines the arrangement of individual furniture and equipment (such as cash registers) and is designed to
Maximize the advantages, flowing from the use of the location. This makes it possible to optimize
use the available space, which will benefit both employees and customers. W
store space space plan focuses on the delineation of appropriate circulation routes.
They will keep the customer moving in a layout that encourages shopping.

Don’t underestimate the importance of visual selling!

Visual selling places a key emphasis on the attractive presentation of goods, as well as on favorable
the appearance of the store itself. These factors can support sales because they work on emotions and
buyer sentiment. The importance of subjective customer experience is described in the text A
Guide for small Retailers in 1991, which states that:

  • 3 out of 4 customers remember the moment they entered the store for the first time,
  • 65% of purchasing decisions are made directly in the store,
  • Every second customer buys goods from the site,
  • Nearly half of people make an impulsive buying decision,
  • Only 3 to 8 seconds are needed to encourage or discourage exposure,
  • Sight is responsible for approx. 80% of the store’s impressions.

How to choose the right lighting?

The right choice of lighting also has a significant impact on commercial interior design.
The right light gives products an inviting look and convinces undecided customers to
purchase. The main rule to keep in mind is related to the selection of warm and cold light.
Warm and cozy are used in places that are intended to evoke pleasant associations (e.g. exposure
parts of food products). Cold, on the other hand, is more subdued and professional – it replaces the
it feelings of bliss with heightened alertness and focus. Thus, it creates an aura
professionalism, which corresponds well to, among other things. With electronics. Combination of different colors of lights
general and point-of-use (mounted in display cases and shelves) will certainly trigger the
Appropriate associations and subconscious reactions.
Of course, the complex interior design of stores is an issue of much more
complex and complicated. However, even a cursory knowledge of the techniques described will certainly
will help you choose furnishings tailored directly to your needs!