It is impossible to overestimate the importance that an attractive product presentation plays in the process of
shopping. The chances of a sale increase even more when, in addition, the customer gets the opportunity to
to take a close look at the goods before making a purchase decision. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of
an impressive way of presenting the goods – it is worth using glass showcases for this purpose
Store. To gain the most benefit from them, you just need to carefully select a piece of furniture for the
their needs.

Glazed locking display cases

For high-value goods, the damage can cause severe losses for the company. Z
For this reason, in premises where a valuable assortment is sold, glass display cases are useful
Store lockable. It is also worth using them if the products are delicate and
They are easily destroyed.
This solution makes the goods fully protected, and although customers cannot touch them, they have a
a chance to view it from several sides. In this way, they can find out whether the product actually meets the
their expectations.

Lighting – an additional element of the showcase equipment

Glazed store display cases with lighting also often prove functional. Light performs two

  • allows you to get a better look at the goods – this is especially important for products with a
    of intricate construction, where the high quality of detailing can encourage purchase,
  • draws customers’ attention to the product – distinguishes the showcase from other furniture and others
    equipment elements.

At Vonart, we manufacture store display cases with the possibility of mounting lighting. It can
come in a variety of colors, but bright colors work best

Technical issues

Before deciding to purchase a display case, it is necessary to determine several technical parameters. First,
Consider what dimensions it should have. To do this, measure the store area that
plan to allocate for the showcase. Remember that the size of the furniture depends not only on the size of the premises, but
also the items you plan to include in it.
Also, think through the design of your store display cases. The most functional models are those with
perforated wall. With this solution, you can change the spacing of the shelves depending on the
current needs.

Appearance – color and branding

Sales performance is also undoubtedly influenced by aesthetics. Therefore, you should consider
what color the steel components of your display case should be. At Vonart, we varnish them in various
colors, so that the appearance of this furniture can be adapted as much as possible to other
store fixtures.

Some retail owners also choose to brand the furniture. It is a treatment that
Allows you to further personalize the interior of your store, thus distinguishing it from the

Wondering what kind of store display cabinets to put in your store? Write us what your
requirements for commercial premises equipment. We would be happy to create a design for the perfect piece of furniture,
Customized to meet the needs related to your industry.