Order among tools, easy access to equipment, convenient way to carry them – all these
factors determine how high the comfort level is in an automotive plant. From this
The reason why workshop furniture plays such an important role is that it can facilitate the performance of various
activities. You just have to choose them carefully to suit your needs.

Tables – workshop furniture that improves work

The furniture on which you will carry out repairs should meet several conditions. The table in
workshop must:

  • Be equipped with a work area of sufficiently large size,
  • Have dimensions suitable for the room in which it will be located,
  • Provide easy access to tools,
  • Be designed to bear heavy loads unscathed (some parts of the
    Cars are relatively heavy).

All these requirements are the basic elements that are usually paid attention to when buying such workshop furniture as tables. However, anyone can supplement this list with additional sub-items based on the specifics of their business.

Shelves, hooks and drawers – additional table equipment

It is worth choosing such tables that are equipped with shelves. They will allow you to have on hand
necessary utensils. Ideally, in addition to shelves, this piece of furniture also has drawers. Some of them
should have compartments and be suitable for storing small items such as
screws. It is also worth considering the use of a table with a perforated wall and hooks on which to
tools can be hung.

Workshop carts – easy transportation of tools

Instruments used by mechanics and auto parts are often heavy, and their
handling involves effort. Due to their size, the equipment is also often bulky, which
also makes it difficult to transport them. Then the solution is workshop carts, on which you can with
easily deliver tools to any point in the workshop.
This workshop furniture can vary in design depending on the needs of workers.
For example, sometimes they are equipped with shelves or drawers. The latter option is particularly keen
selected because it prevents objects from falling out while driving. Carts usually have on top
A work surface that will come in handy in any auto repair shop.

Workshop cabinets

Ideally, they should consist of both an open and a closed section. In the former, you can
place tools and preparations used on a daily basis. The second part is worth holding on to these funds,
that should not be exposed to the sun and those that are rarely needed. In addition,
It is worth ensuring that the cabinets are equipped with drawers. In them you can keep small parts
used for repairs and working accessories, and thus organize them. This will make the work
proceeded faster and more efficiently.

Before you place an order for workshop furniture, consider what dimensions it should have and
How many pieces of each type of equipment you need. You may find that in your

The plant will also come in handy with additional items such as bookcases or cabinets. At Vonart we produce
Sturdy furniture that can be successfully used in the workshop – without worrying that it will succumb
destruction. In addition, they can be lacquered in different colors, such as those associated with your
brand. Contact us if you want to know more about how our furniture is made and what
we can offer you.