The equipment of many stores would be incomplete without display tables. They give the opportunity to
unique representation of the product and are able to draw customers’ attention to goods that in other
place would remain ignored. However, much depends on how the furniture is
constructed and where they were set up.

Display tables – how to choose the right model?

Depending on the industry, there will be different criteria for selecting tables. However, there are a few
elements that every store owner should pay attention to when choosing display tables
For its premises:

  • dimensions – this is the basic parameter that must be adjusted to the size and number of
    goods presented and to the size of the space in which the table is to be located;
  • carrying capacity – a table bending under the weight of goods, does not encourage shopping,
    That is why it is so important to adjust the carrying capacity of the furniture accordingly; this is primarily to
    practical importance, since such a table will be more stable;
  • adjustment/height of legs – it is best to consider how high the tables should be
    display, so that representatives of the target group have free and convenient access to the
    goods; if the tables are sometimes to contain adult products and
    sometimes for children, it is worth thinking about choosing a furniture model with adjustable legs to
    To be able to adjust the height of the tabletop at any time to suit current needs;
  • additional shelves and partitions – display tables must be adapted to the specifics
    goods, so it is a good idea to use special partitions, such as for
    smaller products or newspapers or leaflets; for this you can think about using furniture
    multi-levels, on which more products can be placed.

Setting matters

In addition to the structure itself, where the display tables are set up is also important. Ideally, the
were located in the middle of the store, such as in the central part of the room or at the entrance. Then
There is a high probability that the customer will notice the furniture and the products on display and
will make the purchase. Setting up a table near the checkout module can also be a good solution.
Those waiting in line will be able to take a close look at the products lined up on the counter and
Perhaps they will decide to make them for themselves.

Looking for a display table for your store? Consider what your expectations are
Relative to this furniture and contact us. We are happy to make copies for you that will
perfectly match the design of your premises.