The beginning of a bookstore business is usually a time of experimenting and looking for a
practical solutions that will last for years. One of the major challenges is to find
Answers to the question of how to furnish a store to attractively present goods and arouse
customer interest. Fortunately, it is possible – you just need to pay attention to a few things.

Profitable presentation of goods, or how to furnish a store

While almost every store needs a checkout module, looking for the rest of the items
Equipment is worth starting with determining exactly what goods you offer. In addition to the books, the local
may also offer many other products. All should be placed on shelves or
racks specifically designed for them. At the same time, they must be easily accessible
Access. How do you design a store with this in mind? Just assign specific
Furniture components for individual goods:

  • books – first of all, bookshelves should be allocated for them, as well as display tables, for
    which you can set news or promotions; such a procedure will make more people notice the
    these titles, which will translate into greater interest in these goods;
  • Newspapers – it is a good idea to place them on special multi-cascade newspaper racks or
    nacelles; the choice of a particular model is best determined by how many titles you want
    offer and on the size of the store’s space;
  • Postcards, cards, book marks – you can set these goods on racks with compartments, thanks to
    This way they will be easily accessible and each of them will be separately exposed;
  • stationery items – these can be displayed on shelves or gondolas with compartments; if
    choice of pens or pencils is relatively small, just put them on a small
    A rack in a checkout module or on a counter.

Appearance – an issue that should not be underestimated

There are several additional aspects that play an important role in choosing furniture for the
bookstore. Among the more important is the issue of aesthetics. When considering how to furnish a store with a
books you should determine what the nature of your brand is. If she wants to be seen as
modern, it is worth betting on furniture with simple, minimalist shapes, made of metal
Or from a combination of metal and wood. On the other hand, bookstores that care about retro-style arrangements can
Use furniture with more ornate forms. It is also worth considering what color
have individual pieces of equipment. You can, for example, use colors specific to
of your brand, or opt for neutral beiges, grays or whites, broken by a single, distinctive color.

Load bearing capacity of furniture components

Books are often heavy goods, so not every bookcase will be able to hold them. Make sure that
The load-bearing capacity of all the furniture you order allows you to place on them an assortment of large
scales. This will keep the fixtures stable, ensuring the safety of your
Customers. At Vonart, we pay attention to the issue of carrying capacity when creating our furniture, so that
They could serve in the best possible way in various types of stores.

Furniture layout

The basic principle is that the customer must be able to move freely around the store.
It should have enough room to turn without difficulty, even if it has a basket with it. In addition,
When arranging a bookstore, it is best to group books by genre, place separately
All newspapers and paper accessories. This will make it easier for the customer to know where the

is to look for particular goods. It’s also worth making sure that the products the customer is supposed to pay attention to
special attention, were in a conspicuous place, for example, on the display table next to the cash register or
close to the entrance. There should also be racks of bookmarks, pens and other items near the cash register
Impulse goods that the customer may be interested in while waiting in line.

Knowing how to furnish a book and press store will help increase interest
products offered, which will translate into sales results. You want your furniture to be made
experienced manufacturer? Send us your project and we will take care of it!