Efficient packaging work is only possible if employees have access to professional equipment and can use customized furniture. Parcel packing tables play an important role here. What should you follow when looking for the perfect piece of furniture to optimize the packing process?

Parcel packing tables – a practical type of tabletop

Depending on the needs of the company and whether packages are typically small or large in size, table tops will be different. Wrapping larger objects with tape, foil or ribbon can be a hassle, especially if they are heavy and moving them is difficult. The solution may be a countertop with rotating elements. With his help, packing a package will be much easier. The worker will not have to rotate the heavy object himself – just place it in the center of the movable part of the tabletop and rotate it.

On the other hand, if a company usually handles small or medium-sized packages, and only occasionally packs large goods, it is best to get medium-sized parcel packing tables with a pull-out top extension. These are functional models, the area of which can be increased according to current needs.

Shelves and drawers for tools and other needed items

Working as a packer requires the use of a lot of instruments that need to be easily accessible. This is only possible if the table is equipped with enough shelves and drawers. It is worth opting for a piece of furniture, the design of which from the beginning consists of a number of such elements or allows you to install them later, should the need arise.

Some parcel packing tables allow you not only to add shelves, but also to change their height – this type of furniture is ideal if you don’t know how big parcels will be packed in a given period. They also provide convenience for workers, who can adjust the height and positioning of the table elements to suit their needs.

Space for a paper or film roll

All parcel packing tables are equipped with paper rollers, but when looking for a piece of furniture for your business, you should pay attention to its location. In some tables, the roller is fixed above the tabletop, and there is also the possibility of placing it on the side or even on the tabletop. If a company wants to use several options at the same time (e.g., a roller for bubble wrap and for wrapping paper) this is also possible. It is best to consider which way of packaging is most convenient, taking into account the size and type of goods. Based on this, you can decide how many rolls you need and which way of reaching for materials is most comfortable.

It is worth paying special attention to those parcel packing tables in which the roll is attached to a perforated wall. This solution allows you to adjust its height, depending on how large the items are being packed and allows you to choose a solution that suits the packer’s needs.


A table on wheels or a standard table?

Typically, parcel packing tables have ordinary legs, without wheels. This solution is practical when a store or wholesaler has a specific packing station and there is no need to move the furniture frequently. In addition, such furniture is very stable, which also speaks in its favor. However, some companies may need tables that can be moved quickly and without much effort whenever needed. Then it is best to choose a table on wheels. At Vonart, we can prepare a design for such a table and take care of its manufacture.


Not sure which parcel packing tables will work for your business? Consult with us on your furniture design or have us develop it for you. Based on the needs of the company, we will create a solution for you that is sure to be functional and can be used for many years.