The most functional solutions are those that are tailored to the specific industry and brand. This also applies to store furniture, such as a newspaper rack. Whether you choose the right model depends on what kind of impression customers will have after visiting your establishment and whether they are eager to return and shop there. Fortunately, finding the right furniture design is not difficult – you just need to keep a few factors in mind.

Press rack – how to choose the best type?

There are many types of press furniture, but some of the most commonly used include. Wall-mounted and free-standing press racks, as well as standard and mobile gondolas. The former will be used mainly in premises of small size, where every bit of space is valuable. They do not take up a lot of space and, in addition, allow for attractive display.

On the other hand, a free-standing newspaper rack will work well in stores and newspaper stores where there is more space. Its advantage is that more titles can be presented with it, on both sides of the furniture. Therefore, if you have a larger area of premises, it is worth choosing this option.

Gondolas are also an interesting option. These are smaller versions of freestanding bookcases, which are recommended especially for premises with large spaces. With them, you can position the press at a height that allows you to freely reach for the titles regardless of the height of the customer or store employee. Also noteworthy are mobile gondolas that can be easily moved – they will find use in stores where the layout of furniture changes frequently.

Practical design

The newspaper rack should be sturdy and capacious so that many copies of newspapers and magazines can be placed on it. Such an opportunity is provided, among others. Stable construction and multi-cascaded shelves. Another important issue is the method of presentation – removing and inserting newspapers should be free enough so that the covers do not fold. Therefore, it is better to make sure that there is enough space on the shelf to easily accommodate all the titles.

A newspaper rack with perforated elements that allow you to adjust the height of the newspaper shelves and add additional shelves or hangers will also be beneficial. This will allow you to adjust the capacity of the rack to meet the current needs of the store.

Appearance of shelves to match the character of the brand

Another important issue is the appearance of the furniture. The press rack should have colors that match the colors used in the brand identity – they do not have to be the same, but they should harmonize with them, so that the whole creates a cohesive composition. For example, if the store’s logo is kept in a minimalist color palette, go for industrial interiors, where gray and black furniture with wooden elements will work well. On the other hand, the company’s colorful sign will go well with furniture maintained in matching colors.

At Vonart, we make it possible to paint the shelves in RAL colors, which gives you a relatively large choice of colors. In addition to the furniture itself, you can also choose to introduce color on the plaques that are placed on the shelves, or on the graphics. On the latter you can post information about the products sold in a particular section in pictorial form.

These treatments will make the interior of the store look more attractive, which will encourage customers to visit the premises. In addition, with the help of graphics and placards, it will be easier to find individual products, which is also an asset in the battle for the consumer.