All parts of furniture for stores, catering and service establishments, should be tailored to the type of business of the company. This includes items such as checkout counters, which must also facilitate the customer service process. The quality of their workmanship, the materials they are made of and whether they look aesthetically pleasing are also important. What to pay attention to when buying checkout counters?

Construction of a checkout counter – necessary components

Many interior designers consider the checkout area to be the heart of a store, restaurant or service establishment. From the point of view of employees, it is indeed one of those places that are used most often. Therefore, it must be convenient and fit the way and scope of customer service in a particular company.

How to match checkout counters to the needs of the company? There are several elements to be noted first:

How much space is there in the premises for a checkout counter? Choose a location that is convenient for the customer, visible and easy to find. Ideally, the checkout counters should be at the end of the walkway that leads the customer to the cash register.

What kind of counter is needed? It is worth considering whether the counter should include such elements as:

  1. An ergonomic stand used for assembling store cash registers,
  2. A barcode reader built into the countertop or placed elsewhere,
  3. Holes for cables from devices on the counter, such as cash registers,
  4. Holes in the counter, for example, for clips to secure clothing or electronics so that they can be quickly and conveniently stowed away when removed from merchandise.

Can additional elements be attached to the counter? Such modules are, for example, posts and perforated panels for hanging hooks, shelves or hangers for displaying impulse goods (purchased on impulse, such as small sweets, etc.).

What other requirements does the company have for the cashier counter? Such elements can be determined, for example, by writing out a list of things that should be near the cashier’s counter and the activities that will be performed there.

The lighting of the checkout area is also an important element. They should be matched to the interior design, but not forgetting the usability aspect. An interesting procedure is to place the strongest lighting over the checkout area, not only so that employees can see everything perfectly, but also so that customers will pay attention to this place in the premises.

Checkout counters – which countertop to choose?

The material of the counter is also an important consideration. The countertop surface in high-traffic premises is exposed to abrasion. When choosing the type of countertop, keep this in mind. The most popular materials for checkout counters are laminated furniture board, wood and steel. The latter is also the most resistant to abrasion, as is hardwood. These are more expensive materials than furniture board, but their durability is so high that it is certainly a worthwhile investment. A counter made of steel or wood will perform its function for a long time.

From the point of view of functionality, steel checkout counters are recommended for premises where there are, for example, chemicals or hard and heavy items such as tools, car parts, etc. The steel is resistant to chemicals and is also hard, so it will not chip or warp (depends on the thickness and type of steel). Another advantage of a steel checkout counter is its smooth surface, making it easy to clean – this is why metal countertops are used in restaurant and hotel kitchens.

A hardwood countertop, on the other hand, is ideal for clothing stores, grocery stores and all those establishments where the countertop is not constantly exposed to dirt that is difficult to clean. Note that it must be well preserved and, for example, covered with varnish or wax.

Checkout counters as a design element

All furniture for the company is an important part of the interior design, so it must be selected in such a way that it forms a coherent whole together with the other elements, located in the room.

Checkout counters made of metal and metal combined with wood are very popular in recent times. This is due to the fashion for industrial decor. Such stylized interiors can often be seen in cafes, restaurants, hotels or stores. A coherent, fashionable and aesthetically pleasing space makes customers more likely to visit carefully arranged premises.

To fashionably, but also comfortably furnish an interior, it is worth using the services of a professional designer and investing in custom-made furniture. If you are looking for an experienced company that will make them for you with attention to every detail – feel free to contact us!