Perforated sheets are metallurgical products in which small holes have been made at regular intervals. It is both aesthetically pleasing and functional – it will be perfect for stores in almost any industry. Perforated furniture is distinguished by its practical design, which can, in addition, distinguish the premises from the competition.

Perforated sheets – when can they be particularly useful?

Depending on the design, these structures can be characterized by any structure with varying degrees of translucency. Standard perforated metal sheets are a very common element of shelving and display cases in many stores and showrooms. Combined with movable shelves and perforation hooks (short, long or with a price tag), they create a fully personalized space for displaying goods.

Match store furniture to the goods you sell

An indisputable advantage of shelving and glass display cases constructed from perforated metal is the ability to freely adjust the distance between individual hooks and shelves. If the sides of the rack are perforated, it is possible to adjust the spacing between the shelves. In turn, the perforation of the back wall of the gallery allows for the free suspension of goods. Full freedom in the number of rows and columns facilitates optimal use of the available space regardless of the size of the products sold.

Thanks to the perforations, goods can be better displayed and the furniture can be adapted to the current product offer. The personalization possibilities resulting from the use of perforated elements can prove particularly useful if the goods offered by the seller come in different sizes. In the case of re-arranging the arrangement of articles, you only need to rearrange the placed hooks.

Custom perforated sheets

Vonart is engaged in both the production and sale of perforated metal sheets. Our company offers a large number of perforation patterns, which we tailor to individual customer requirements. Vonart perforated sheets are available in different thicknesses, and the format of perforation is always adapted to the needs of running a particular store. What’s more, working with us you can choose from a wide range of intermediates. It should also be noted that the sheet metal can be painted in different colors to best match the interior of the premises.

What patterns can perforated sheets have?

The most common perforation motifs used in the retail industry are uncomplicated square and circular patterns, to which hooks for hanging products along with price tags are easily matched. This solution is particularly useful for lightweight products that you want to hang in a place that is noticeable at first glance. The full range of perforations carried out by Vonart are:

  • square perforation,
  • circular perforation,
  • euro perforation,
  • straight perforation,
  • offset perforation.

It is possible to manufacture customized perforated sheets and panels.

It is also worth noting that perforated metal sheets are not used exclusively in store structures. Because perforations can be used for a variety of purposes – not only practical, but also aesthetic – elements with holes are eagerly placed as shutters, on the facades of buildings, and even in bathrooms or kitchens. Perforated sheets are also excellent for artistic arrangements that operate with the play of light and shadow, as well as for spatial structures.

Not only perforation

Vonart is not only engaged in the production and sale of perforated sheets. Thanks to a well-equipped machine park, ordered perforated sheets can be given laser cutting, CNC-based cutting and bending, welding and powder coating processes.

Are you considering the purchase of furniture, equipped with perforated metal sheets? Contact our representatives, who will advise you on the selection of suitable models and help you determine the necessary demand in your store. Benefit from the expertise of an experienced brand trusted by representatives of many brands and industries.