Thorough coating of metal parts with two-component paint is a relatively new development. It takes place in specialized machine parks, as it requires the right equipment. With this technology, good surface preparation is also important. Read what powder coating is and whether it adequately protects metal from rust.

Powder coating – what is the painting process like?

Any company that offers powder coating must have properly prepared machinery and a trained team of people. Why? This paint application technology requires specialized equipment, an adapted site and skilled painters.

Surface preparation

This type of paint application requires proper surface preparation. The metal must be stripped of any contaminants, such as dust, that get stuck in nooks and crannies or welds. To do this, it is best to use ultrasonic technology – it is through this technology that you can get out any contamination, even those that are not visible at first glance. Our machinery uses just such a solution – we use automatic, ecological and ultrasonic surface cleaning. Such thorough cleaning guarantees proper adhesion of the applied paint to the surface.

Paint application

Powder coating is the spraying of paint with a special gun. This technology makes the paint reach every nook and cranny. What’s more, it creates a perfectly even surface, making it aesthetically pleasing and perfectly protected against moisture – water does not get on the raw surface of the metal, so no rust is formed.

Among other things, the paint that is used for powder coating consists of two components:

  • resin particles that form a hard protective layer,
  • The pigment that gives the color.

Powder coating – surface fixation

The next step is heating the paint-covered parts to about 140-200°C. At this stage, the applied powder is melted and polymerized. This process produces a surface that is resistant to:

  • chemicals,
  • high and low temperatures,
  • corrosion,
  • mechanical damage,
  • attrition.

Powder coating – advantages

Powder coating allows for a variety of visual effects. Many colors are used in this technique, and the surface can vary in thickness. Consequently, it can also have different structures.

The surface covered with paint in the powder coating process is:

  • Hard and very resistant,
  • aesthetically pleasing – depending on how thickly the paint is applied, you can get a perfectly smooth surface that masks imperfections caused by machining,
  • Environmentally friendly – no thinners and solvents are emitted into the environment in this process.

Powder coating is efficient because almost all of the paint material is used during spraying. What’s more, this technology is eco-friendly, not least because it saves energy – closed ventilation systems can be used with this painting.

Powder coating – price of the service

Pricing for painting of this kind is not clearly defined, since most often such a service is priced individually. Because there are so many options when it comes to powder coating, the price depends on, among other things:

  • The number of surfaces or elements to be varnished,
  • the size and detail of the details the customer wants to powder coat,
  • The date of execution of the order,
  • The thickness of the layer – the thicker it is, the greater the amount of paint used.

Powder coating: Wroclaw – what do we offer our customers?

We have well-equipped machinery, and our employees form a close-knit and qualified team. As a result, with us powder coating is accurate and performed at the highest level. We always focus on the best result, and we complete orders in accordance with the deadline. Our ultrasonic surface cleaning systems are environmentally friendly and highly accurate. If you want to learn more about powder coating, contact us! Our consultants will answer all your questions.