To stand out from the competition selling clothes is not easy. Fortunately, it is also not
impossible task. All you need to do is to carefully choose furniture for clothing stores, so that, thanks to the
him dresses, pants and other goods looked favorable, reaching for goods was easy, and the decor
reflected the character of the brand.

What kind of clothing store furniture is worth having?

The equipment of the premises offering clothing, as standard, should consist of such items as:

  • A module with a cash register counter – this is a mandatory element of the arrangement, which is best placed on the left
    side of the premises; it is worth choosing a module with shelves on which to put small
    products, such as glasses, earrings or necklaces – customers waiting in the checkout line will be
    were able to take a close look at them, thus increasing the chances that they will buy something additional;
  • Jewelry racks – it is best to choose models that can be rotated; remember that they should
    Be designed so that different types of
  • display tables – on them you can place goods that have been covered by a promotion, novelties
    or other products that customers are expected to pay special attention to;
  • shelves for clothes and accessories – clothing store furniture designed for handbags and
    shoes, should not be too high, as customers often give up reaching for the goods,
    Which are not within their reach;
  • Structures with hangers on which clothes can be placed.

The number of pieces of each piece of equipment should depend on how many goods
offers your store. The square footage of the premises is also not insignificant. Therefore, it is worth considering
customized furniture. This solution makes optimal use of the available space.

Emphasize the individual character of the brand

If the premises are to stand out from the competition, the furniture for a clothing store should not only be
functional. The appearance is also important – not only of the furniture equipment, but of the whole place. Should
Be unique and highlight the brand’s unique style. Therefore, when choosing wall colors and furniture, it is worth
Use colors specific to your company. They can also be combined with colors
contrasting – if the brand wants to be perceived, for example, as modern, youthful or
avant-garde – or white and beige, if the interior is to have a calmer atmosphere.

In addition, it is worth thinking about accessories. An interesting solution would be to hang posters on the
walls from the 1950s, for example. (if the store offers mainly retro-style clothes) or abstract ones. These
The last will work well for a brand that offers remarkable clothing with bold, original
cuts. In addition to posters, you can also opt for mirrors, and additionally in several places
Arrange vases with fresh flowers. The choice of accessories must always depend on the w
how the brand wants to be perceived and what might appeal to its target audience.

The tips outlined above should help you with the interior design of your store. If you have
some questions about decorating your premises or you are looking for an experienced manufacturer that creates
furniture for clothing stores – report to us. With our help, your store is sure to get
positively distinguished itself from the competition!