When choosing furniture for a children’s store, it’s worth thinking about the needs not only of the buyers, i.e. grandparents, parents or guardians, but also of our youngest customers – children. The arrangement should therefore be eye-catching, provide opportunities for an interactive experience, and meet the highest safety requirements. Learn how to design the right space and set your premises apart from the competition.


Furniture for a children’s store, and the layout of the premises

Before going on to choose specific models of furniture for a children’s store, it is worth considering how you want the shopping path to go. Wanting to encourage the little ones to freely explore the store and test the toys, it is worth betting on a layout with unrestricted movement.

This layout allows creative use of the premises. Furniture for a children’s store should be placed at different angles, encouraging unhurried browsing of the offer and strolling through the alleys without a clear track. In addition, the open space gives the opportunity to use eye-catching elements and display goods that are on sale or novelties.


Furniture for a children’s store that wins over the competition

The growing popularity of e-commerce stores makes it worthwhile to lean into the question of what makes customers choose to visit a stationary location? First and foremost is the ability to receive goods at the time of purchase, so care should be taken to ensure constant stocking and the continuous presence of popular toys in stock. Furniture for a children’s store should therefore provide the opportunity to store surplus items.

Another advantage of the stationary store is the chance to test the toys before buying, it is worthwhile to dedicate a few pieces to sell and create a small tester’s space. The play area can be set up with interactive boards for the youngest or attractions for slightly older children – such as a roller coaster or dollhouse.


Furniture for children’s store from Vonart – top quality and remarkable design

Are you looking for furniture for your children’s store that features attractive design, safety and durability? Opt for a custom-made arrangement, which will maximize the use of the space of your premises and provide an original character of the place, not found anywhere else.

Our shelving, display tables and store counters are made from top quality, solid raw materials such as wood, steel and durable tempered glass. As part of the decoration, you can opt for an epoxy resin finish on the tabletop dyed in a variety of colors, laser-cut elements or painted in company colors.

It is worth noting that we handle each order in a holistic manner – from conceptual design, through manufacturing and precise on-site installation. Contact our consultant today and get a quote for designing furniture for your children’s store.