In an era of unstoppable growth of e-commerce stores, entrepreneurs who have decided to open a stationary store must take special care to attract customers and encourage them to return numerous times. The strength of the establishment can be its charismatic staff, rich offerings and eye-catching design. Unusual, distinctive furniture for a shoe store will help achieve the effect you dream of.


The right shoe store furniture = a better start

Whether you decide to open a small boutique in a residential area or aim for a large showroom in a shopping mall, competition in the clothing and footwear industry is fierce. Therefore, you should make every effort to stand out from it. To do this, it’s a good idea to act according to a predetermined plan.

Before choosing the right furniture for a shoe store, you should prepare a plan for the store. The layouts we can opt for are row, loop and unlimited traffic flow. The latter will be great for slightly larger premises, it also provides the most opportunities for imaginative display of goods.

It is worth noting that customers are very accustomed to a certain shopping path and do not like changes that make it difficult to find their favorite brands or footwear models. For this reason, once selected, the store plan can undergo only minor modifications after opening, which will not hinder the intuitive navigation of the boutique.


Which shoe store furniture is worth choosing?

Running your own store is a big commitment and numerous expenses – especially even before you open your premises and right after you start selling. Therefore, many budding entrepreneurs are tempted to seek savings by investing in equipment from chain stores. Such a path, however, is extremely short-sighted.

Shoe store furniture, custom-made from solid, high-quality raw materials, will not only present the merchandise brilliantly, but will also last in an unchanged form for up to a dozen years. When choosing a suitable arrangement, it is worth following the following rules:

  • A minimalist form that will not overwhelm the range and will survive changing fashions,
  • Good quality plastics, such as wood, metal or tempered glass,
  • Functionality – furniture should be suitable for rearrangement, configuring the height of shelves or linking together in a sequence.

Trust the knowledge and experience of Vonart

Looking for furniture for a shoe store? We’re here to help – for years we’ve been designing, creating and installing shelving, racks and store systems that are an investment for years. We also provide professional advice on interior design and the selection of a floor plan, feel free to contact us and request a quote.