A jewelry store that invites visitors should be arranged in an elegant, refined style. Each piece of equipment must emphasize the value and exclusive nature of the items being sold. How to furnish a jewelry store to best succeed in displaying the beauty of rings, watches and other luxury items?


What kind of furniture is needed in a jewelry store?

The jewelry being sold must be presented so that customers can view it carefully, while also being secured against theft. The furniture best suited for jewelry showrooms are store showcases and glass counters. The glass protects valuable items and allows them to be viewed freely.

Display cases designed for jewelry stores are usually tall and multi-level furniture. Jewelry showroom counters are lower than showcases and are equipped with additional theft protection.


Furniture for a jewelry store – what to pay attention to when choosing it?

When choosing furniture for a jewelry store, it is worth deciding on equipment made of high-quality materials, being an elegant setting for metal and gemstone products. A large amount of glazed areas is desirable. They ensure that luxury products, including very fine and delicate ones, remain clearly visible. Other furniture components can be made of durable materials such as stainless steel metal, wood or HPL laminate.

The size of the equipment and its number must be adjusted according to the area of the premises. When it comes to jewelry store furniture, do not overdo the number of shelves. Too many levels in a display case creates an overwhelming effect, which can make it difficult for the customer to make a decision.

It is good if the furniture for a jewelry store is equipped with a lighting system that allows even better display of rings, bracelets and other exclusive ornaments. It will prove useful to be able to control the intensity and color of the light.


What kind of jewelry store furniture to choose in order to best present the assortment?

In jewelry stores, display cases are usually set up along walls and by windows so that they can draw customers inside the premises and allow them to move conveniently between different parts of the display. Special corner racks can be installed in the corners of the rooms, and there should be glass display tables and counters in the center.

The appearance and quality of the jewelry store’s equipment must harmonize with the luxurious nature of the items being sold. When furnishing the premises, it is worth emphasizing the proper composition and lighting of the display, not forgetting the solid protection of products.

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